Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie reteam ‘Wrath Of Man’ to head the soundtrack with $ 8 million – Deadline – fr

Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie reteam ‘Wrath Of Man’ to head the soundtrack with $ 8 million – Deadline – fr

Sunday morning update: Refresh for update and top 10 chart According to the calendar for the last few years at the box office, this is the first weekend of summer. But since cinemas are still closed in most of Europe and Brazil due to the pandemic, Disney has decided to move Marvel’s. Black Widow to July 9.
The good news is that we’ll finally have some semblance of a summer box office season, unlike last year, and United Artists Releasing is filling the gap left by Disney this weekend with the Miramax / MGM production of the action Jason. Statham, rated R by Guy Ritchie. Title Anger of man, who had a solid Friday at the BO during the pandemic with 3 M $ (including the $ 500,000 previews on Thursday), basically made the same amount of dough on Saturday, and will see a 3-day opening of 8 M $. It’s a little more than Bob Odenkirk’s R-rated shoot-’em up from Universal Nobody scored in its first weekend, with $ 2.5 million on Friday and 3 days of $ 6.8 million (this film is now in its 7th weekend, which will no doubt see its domestic consumption at $ 24.6 million by today on an A- CinemaScore).

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All in Anger of man open to 25,6 M $ WW, 17,6 M $ from that of 3,332 sites in nine territories, where eight of them ranked No.1. Russia and the CIS raised $ 10 million, beating the lifetime box office of Bad Boys for Life, John Wick 3, homme de l’ONCLE, and XXX: The return of Xander Cage. Australia and New Zealand cashed in $ 3.2million, Taiwan $ 2.5million while China counted $ 1million from the limited previews that started yesterday ahead of its May 10 launch.

Next to the meat and potato action movies aimed at older men during the pandemic in the United States since last August (we are not counting the video game adaptation Mortal combat), Anger of man is about to surpass the beginnings of Nobody, unbalanced (4 M $), Honest thief ($ 4.1 M) and The sniper (3,1 M $).

Public reaction to Anger of man was awesome, with Ritchie seeing an A-, which was better than the B + won in 2020 Le gentleman, which rebranded a return to its British kinetic and flashy action capers. This film, also a Miramax production, was released to 2,165 theaters by STX before Covid-19 arrived at the end of January and opened at $ 10.65 million.

“It was a smart acquisition by MGM. Working with Bill Block and Miramax was great. They were very supportive of the marketing and dating strategy. We took advantage of the Mother’s Day weekend from Black Widow moved, ”UAR President Erik Lomis told Deadline this morning.

“Gerry Rich and the marketing team have created a super smart and innovative, laser-focused and effective campaign with a trailer launch in just six weeks. Guy Ritchie supported the plan and the marketing team every step of the way and delivered a strong, highly playable film for his audience, ”added Lomis.

UAR ran 60-second spots for Anger of man on cable channels such as ESPN, FX, FXX, Discovery, SciFi, NBA and digital channels YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Search. There was a first spot that ran during the Walking Dead final to launch the marketing campaign. The main demos were targeted at shows such as 9-1-1, NCIS, FBI: Most Wanted, Blue Bloods, Chicago PD with seats also reserved during these sports in the NBA, MLB, UFC, Boxing and NASCAR season, as well as cable networks targeted by adult men Swim, Comedy, Discovery, ESPN, History, AMC and FX.

the Anger of man The trailer launch on March 29 received 22 million views and over 48,000 conversations in its first day. It evolved on Twitter and Reddit Movies, and on YouTube for more than 24 hours after launch. The Red Band trailer was dropped on April 29 along with IGN and Reddit.

UAR sponsored a Twitch livestream for the film featuring influencers from the game (Chica, Nick Eh 30 and Shiv) taking on three athletes (Richard Sherman, Darius Slay, Karl-Anthony Towns).

The film’s website (WrathOfMan.movie) included the direct sale of tickets to select theaters across the country, arguably a first for a major US studio release to large-scale consumers, as movie tickets are often sold through third-party sites.

In theaters, Anger of man the trailers worked Nobody (3/26), The ungodly (4/2), Mortal combat (4/16), Demon slayer (4/16) and Separation (4/30). Theater tours promoted via paid and organic social media, push notifications, homepage web banners, e-blasts, and app inclusion. AMC specifically launched exclusive content related to tickets on sale (3/26) followed by a behind-the-scenes post from Guy Ritchie on their social media (4/23). There were also promotions with exhibition loyalty programs through targeted digital marketing; Bonus points offers with Regal, Marcus, Cinemark and Showcase cinemas. Additionally, Harkins, Marcus, Dolby, and Imax shared Anger of man chunks of content on their opening week social channels related to the box office.

Screen Engine / Comscore PostTrak moviegoers also noted Anger of man well with an overall positive 77% and a final recommendation of 57%. 60% guys made up the overall audience, with 72% over 25 and 45% over 35. The diversity demos were 44% Caucasian, 23% Black, 21% Hispanic, and 12% Asian / Other. Anger of man was strong in the West and Southwest. PLF and Imax took back 34% of Friday and Saturday ticket sales. Reviews weren’t as high Anger of man as Gentlemen, 66% fresh to 75% certified fresh.

While an $ 8 million opening isn’t what we’re used to when it comes to summer opening, keep this in mind: we’re in much better shape and on a better path than ‘one year ago. Currently, 63% of the 5.8K theaters are functioning. Although this is great, the domestic market is not at its full power of display. Over 1k theaters did not provide targeted reopening dates, # 2 Regal has only 232 theaters out of its 533 reopens, and three major provinces in Canada – Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta are always closed.

It’s possible that Cineplex, which has only reopened 27 of its 162 theaters, will open more in a week or two if local ordinances agree. But I hear there’s a chance that the two features that trigger in the summer, Paramount A quiet place II and disney Cruella, may not have the full power of Canada when they open over Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31. We will see.

In addition, capacity restrictions remain in place nationwide, even in areas where capacity limits could be 100%. AMC is reportedly operating its entire chain at 50% levels and enforcing the wearing of masks, even in communities where masks have been removed.

For all the good news regarding the yellow level moving Los Angeles theaters to 75% capacity, again, this is for attendees who show proof of vaccination. Several sources tell me that there is no way the show can or will require its participants to show proof of vaccination, and will therefore opt to operate at 50%. Having said that, I’m told that the exhibit as a whole isn’t worried about this flaw. Discussions with the CDC and local health officials in Los Angeles and San Francisco remain positive, with all eyes on June 15, when California’s Gavin Newsom announced the state would be fully open. The hope by Exposure Sources is that NYC will hit 50% capacity levels by Memorial Day weekend.


In the second place is Funimatin / Aniplex Demon slayer who in his 3rd Friday reported 851 K $, -53%, in 2,088 cinemas (+183) for a 3rd weekend of 3,05 M $ (-52%) and a cumulative total of 17 days 39,6 M $. New Line / HBO Max’s Mortal combat in 2 973 sites (-141) 700 000 $ on Friday (-62%) to his 3rd Friday in 3rd place with a 3rd weekend of 2,375 M $ (-62%) and a cumulative total of 37,8 M $. Fourth place also belongs to Warner Bros. with Legendary’s Godzilla vs. Kong (which is now in a pure play window, not on HBO Max). The sixth Friday in this photo brought in $ 505K (-32%) in 2,705 theaters (-48) on Friday for 3 days of 1,93 M $ (-32%) and a cumulative total of $ 92.9M per EOD Sunday. 5th place belongs to Disney Raya and the last dragon which grossed $ 420K on its 10th Friday in 2315 theaters (+505) with 3 days of 1,865 M $ (+ 35%) and a cumulative total of $ 43.8 million. The photo is also available on Disney + Premier for the additional cost of $ 30. Open road Separation grossed $ 315K (-54%) on its second Friday en route to a $ 1.065M weekend on 1,911 (+160) 10-day $ 3.3M sites

‘Here today’
Sony Pictures

Sony and Stage 6 Film recently acquired Tiffany Haddish-Billy Crystal film Here today will be gone tomorrow. The studio doesn’t spend a lot to open these titles, and this is a moderate version reserved for 1,200 slots. Friday, according to Sony, grossed $ 257,000, followed by $ 366,000 yesterday, and $ 277,000 projected today for a 3-day period the studio is calling 900 000 $, which is better than the $ 783,000 the industry was seeing on Saturday morning. Audience and critical feedback for this Crystal-directed feature which he co-wrote with Alan Zweibel was low with a rating of 52% for Rotten Tomatoes and 65% overall positive from PostTrak and a recommendation of 46%. 57% of women presented with 57% over 25 years old. Clearly a play here for the Mother’s Day audience. The audience composition was 62% Caucasian, 17% Hispanic, 17% Black and 4% Asian / other. Sony is not spending on these movies with iSpot showing that spending on TV spots in the photo was $ 320,000 with ads running 60 minutes, today, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, SEAL team and Haddish Kids say the craziest things.

Here today follows veteran comedy writer Charlie Burnz (Crystal), who is going through a difficult time in his life. He meets New York singer Emma Payge (Haddish) and they form an unlikely yet hilarious and touching friendship that sidelines the generation gap and redefines the meaning of love and trust.



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