Jacare’s doctor shares update on horrific UFC 262 arm injury – fr

Jacare’s doctor shares update on horrific UFC 262 arm injury – fr

For the second straight UFC pay-per-view, a sports legend had one of his limbs snapped in half.

At UFC 261, it was Chris Weidman who suffered a tibia-fibula fracture that left his leg bent 90 degrees halfway up the tibia. Now at UFC 262 we had to watch (and hear) Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza suffer a horrific broken arm that ended his fight against Andre Muniz in the first round.

“Jacare” took the injury with surprising good humor, gesturing to the concerned doctor from the ring and smiling as he discussed the end of the fight with Muniz. Some were hoping this could mean that the injury wasn’t as horrific as it looked as it was replayed over and over again during the UFC 262 broadcast. But it turns out Souza is simply crazy.

MMA Fighting contacted Souza’s doctor, Rickson Moraes, who reported that “Jacare” had suffered a fractured right humerus, which is the arm bone between the shoulder and the elbow. Souza will undergo “urgent surgery” in the next few days in the United States before returning to Brazil.

The defeat is the fourth consecutive defeat for Souza, 41, and his second grisly loss. In December 2020, Kevin Holland knocked out the Brazilian submission specialist, and now “Jacare” bone has been broken by another hungry comer.

The UFC vet and his compatriot Dan Hardy were right: the UFC no longer associates veterans with each other. These days, you’re more likely to come across the latest young man to tear someone in half in Dana White’s Contender series.

It’s unclear if this was the last time we’ll see Souza in the Octagon, but he’ll certainly be out for some time to heal his arm. Anyway, “Jacare” gave us a good ten years of savage fighting and impressive performances. Hoping for a quick recovery.


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