J.Cole unveils list of songs and producers “The Off-Season” – fr

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Hours before the official release of his sixth studio album The off-season, J. Cole took to Instagram to reveal the official tracklist and the main producers involved in the project, including Boi-1da, Timbaland, Frank Dukes and T-Minus.

In J. Cole fashion, the musician revealed that no featured artist will appear on The off-season under the simple caption, “Tracklist. Album at midnight. Working in tandem with the executive producers of the project, Cole also credits himself with producing the soon-to-be released work.

After announcing the album’s release date last week, Cole gave fans a taste of what to expect on his latest body of work with the release of his debut single “interlud e”. Additionally, the rapper released an accompanying 12-minute documentary, in which he detailed the inspiration behind The off-season and drew parallels between his growth as an artist and his intensive training as a basketball player.

“I had to make a real decision: do you agree to make yourself comfortable, relax, send it in the mail, wait for inspiration?” he says in the movie, addressing 21 Savage. “If it’s as high as you’ve ever had – not in terms of professional achievement, but in skill level, how did you write your best songs?” Did you not leave anything out on the creative side? And when I thought about that feeling, I was like, ‘No, I’m not cool with that.’ “

Reaching new heights again, J Cole’s new album will be released at midnight.

J. Cole also showcased his rap game on the spot in a freestyle with LA Leakers. Listen to the rapper’s candid bars before The off-seasonthe Liberation.


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