It’s time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to act – fr

It’s time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to act – fr

The Pittsburgh Steelers have launched calls for free agents in recent weeks. Defensive coordinator Keith Butler said so during his post-draft press conference, and after the Steelers announced as one of the teams after Ryan Kerrigan, we know for sure that they haven’t finished. add to list.

The more “Steelers” approach would be to not sign anyone but wait for training camp to end to potentially poach someone who was removed from their previous team. But, that comes at the expense of not being able to train with said player until the regular season has already arrived. However, this is an offseason like no other, and the Steelers would do well to add one of the many talented players available at a great price.

You should already know the story by now, the pandemic lowered the NFL salary cap, forcing additional league-wide cuts, and as we sit here today, a ton of players. will have to decide whether they want to play close to the minimum or not play at all. . Opportunities to award talent to such trivial contracts never arise in the NFL, so any team would be foolish not to at least make calls.

While the Steelers missed out on Ryan Kerrigan, they still have a few high-end options at their disposal, including Justin Houston and Melvin Ingram. The Steelers need a third outside linebacker, and if they can land one as cheap as the Eagles signed Kerrigan (1 year $ 3.5 million), they should be laughing.

Adding a top veteran to pair with Alex Highsmith would be the perfect complimentary piece for him to get on with his duties. A reliable third guy would also allow the Steelers to run their normal business even when TJ Watt is off during a normal rest. Really, I believe adding another passer wouldn’t have any negative impact, strictly making the Pittsburgh Steelers a better team all around.

But what do you think? Who should the Steelers sign in this market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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