“It’s going to be a big summer for Hard Seltzer” –

“It’s going to be a big summer for Hard Seltzer” – fr

This type of general appeal is attractive to beer, wine and liquor businesses.

“We see ourselves as the challenger brand,” said Michelle St. Jacques, director of marketing for Molson Coors, which has been making beer since the late 1700s but hopes to end this year with 10 percent of the hard seltzer market. .

Last spring, the company launched Vizzy, a hard seltzer salt that contains vitamin C. Topo Chico arrived this spring. “We feel like we are making great strides in seltzer by not trying to bring me products, but rather products and brands that make a big difference,” said Ms. St. Jacques.

While grocery stores and liquor stores have made a lot of space available to brands of hard seltzer that people drink at home, the competition to enter restaurants and bars is fierce. Most want to offer only two or three brands to their customers.

“Oh, my god, I’m presented with new hard salts whenever they can get my attention,” said Mr. Stone, who sells six brands at the Rambler. The crowd favorite, he said, is the High Noon Sun Sips vodka-based peach, made by E. & J. Winery Gallo. “Everyone from big brands to small and new is getting into the hard seltzer game. “


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