Italian cable car ‘tampered with’ before crash kills 14 people –

Italian cable car ‘tampered with’ before crash kills 14 people – fr

Three officials from the cable car company have been arrested (Photo: Rex / EPA)

A cable car disaster that killed 14 people in northern Italy was the result of willful tampering, it has been claimed.

Prosecutors said the emergency brakes were tampered with in a “conscious act” that caused the car to plunge at high speed into the side of Mottarone Mountain in northern Italy on Sunday.

All three members of the operating company knew the brakes were off, local prosecutor Olimpia Bossi told a press conference.

The revelation came as they announced the arrest of three people early Wednesday as part of an investigation into the incident.

The three individuals are the owner, director and chief operating officer of the company and are suspected of manslaughter and negligence.

The crash killed everyone on board except for a five-year-old Israeli boy.

The failure of the brakes meant the car was traveling over 100 km / h when the cable broke and a mechanism to prevent the cabin from coming back down the mountain did not engage.

The hut backed up along the line until it pulled away, tumbling down the side of the mountain and coming to rest against trees.

The car dived from the cable and hurtled down the mountain at high speed (Image: EPA)
epa09229004 The Carabinieri and Soccorso Alpino forces inspect the site where the Stresa-Alpino cable car ???  Mottarone crashed to the ground after a cable ruptured on May 23, 2021, in Mottarone Stresa, in northern Italy, on May 26, 2021. The accident killed fourteen passengers in the cable car, and seriously affected hurt a child.  EPA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

Three company officials are suspected of manslaughter and negligence (Photo: EPA)

Ms Bossi claimed the emergency brake was malfunctioning after unsuccessful repairs to the car and a fork-shaped clamp was placed on it, according to local media.

She said the clamp “was applied to avoid continued disruption and blockages of the cable car” and suspects believed the cable would never break.

Investigators are also investigating why the cable broke in the first place, causing the car to drop 65 feet.

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