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The woman claims Kylie acted like a bad girl years ago, but the reality TV mogul shut her down.

Throughout their social networks, reality TV, viral career, the Kardashian-Jenners have ignored the rumors. Several times they have chosen to dismiss the public’s allegations, but lately we have seen Kylie Jenner showing her face and holding on. Following recent reports that she had not only reunited with Travis Scott, but the couple now had an open relationship, Jenner took to Twitter to call the gossip bogus.

Jenner is back after a TikTok video went viral of Victoria Vanna, a model who said she was allegedly bullied by Kylie while Vanna was on the set of Tyga’s music video.

“It was years and years ago,” Vanna said. “I once was making a music video and doing a couple in LA. I was doing a music video for him called ‘Ice Cream Man’ at the time and Kylie was on set with Jordan and Stass and another girl who was an assistant I think. Anyway, as soon as I got out she was looking me up and down, whispering, pointing and laughing at the way I was dancing. I was just laughing at myself. Clearly. “

“Thank goodness one of my best friends was there with me on set,” she added. “Even Tyga’s friends told me she was so intimidated. That’s when I met Kylie Jenner and her friends. In another video, Victoria added that TikTok is a place for people to share their experiences and that she wasn’t mad at Jenner for their alleged previous interaction.

However, Jenner spoke out against Vanna’s accusations. She jumped in TheShadeRoom‘s and wrote, “That never happened.” Elsewhere, she said, “Anyone who knows me personally knows this is a false story. Why would I do this. I love women too and I would never intentionally try to put anyone down. Ok, continue.

Check out the messages and the video for “Ice Cream Man” below.


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