Israel keeps pressure on Hamas with relentless bombing of Gaza – fr

Israel keeps pressure on Hamas with relentless bombing of Gaza – fr

Rockets continued to hit Israel as the Israeli military struck Gaza in one of the biggest bombings by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad since the fighting began.

During a 40-minute air campaign that began around midnight, some 160 planes dropped some 450 missiles at 150 targets belonging to a network of tunnels dug by the terrorist group known as the “metro” as the city of Gaza.

Speaking to reporters, IDF spokesman Hidai Zilberman called the underground network a “strategic asset” for the group that used miles of tunnels in northern Gaza to move weapons and fighters.

The military is still working to determine the extent of the damage.

Israeli tanks, artillery guns, and Golani Brigade troops stationed along the border also held roadblocks against Hamas targets as they came out to attack Israeli targets. In total, some 500 artillery shells and 50 other tank shells were used.

No troops entered Gaza, instead they stayed on the Israeli side, Zilberman said, clarifying earlier claims made by the IDF to foreign media.

The IDF also shelled Hamas weapons depots as well as other weapons and launch sites. A senior Islamic Jihad anti-tank guided missile commander was also killed, the IDF said, and the Iron Dome shot down another drone.

During the strikes, the military ordered anyone living within four kilometers of the Gaza border to stay in a bomb shelter for fear that Hamas could fire short-range missiles or anti-tank missiles during the strike. bombardment at night. Five and a half hours later, the IDF withdrew the order and said people should stay near shelter in the event of an attack.

The IDF shelling is aimed at putting pressure on Hamas, Zilberman said,

Heavy rocket fire into southern Israel continued overnight and claimed the life of an 87-year-old woman after she sustained a head injury as she ran to a shelter. Another man in his 50s was seriously injured after his home was hit directly by a rocket in the town of Ashkelon. A house in the Eshkol regional council was also destroyed after being hit by a rocket on Thursday evening.

The Hamas-led Gaza health ministry said 115 Palestinians had died since the fighting began and 600 others were injured. Israel maintains that the vast majority of those killed are either members of Hamas or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or were killed by rocket fire from Hamas that landed inside the enclave.

Some 2,000 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip since the fighting began. Another 220 projectiles were fired Thursday evening and Friday morning, 30 of which landed in Hamas-ruled territory.


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