Israel bombs high-rise buildings as Gaza marks dark Eid: Live

Israel bombs high-rise buildings as Gaza marks dark Eid: Live

Israeli warplanes attacked high-rise buildings and other targets in the Gaza Strip as Palestinians in the besieged enclave woke up Thursday to mark the religious holiday of Eid al-Fitr under bombardment incessant aerials.
Since the start of the Israeli offensive on Monday evening, Gaza’s health ministry has said at least 69 people, including 17 children, have been killed. More than 390 others were injured.

At least six Israelis were also killed. The IDF said hundreds of rockets were fired from Gaza at various locations in Israel and added reinforcements near the eastern lands of the enclave.

There have also been more violent clashes between Jewish Israelis and Palestinian citizens of Israel in several cities inside Israel.

Here are the latest updates:

1,600 rockets fired from Gaza: the Israeli army

More than 1,600 rockets have been launched from Gaza into Israel since the latest upsurge in fighting
started earlier this week, according to the IDF.

About 400 fell over Gaza, spokesman Jonathan Conricus said. The success rate of Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system continues to be around 90% on average when intercepting rockets, he added.

The IDF attacked around 600 targets in the Gaza Strip, including rocket production and storage facilities.

A tunnel was also targeted which, according to Conricus, was used in part to hide fighters and was built under a school in a populated area.

Fresh Israeli air raid on Rafah city

The city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip was hit by an Israeli airstrike, while a barrage of rockets was launched from Gaza into Israeli towns near the enclave, Nida Ibrahim said of ‘Al Jazeera, reporting from Ramallah.

“Gaza is a relatively small piece of land with two million Palestinians – one of the most condensed areas in the world, so you can imagine the impact of these goals,” Ibrahim said.

“It is also such a closed area that the chances of hitting civilians are very high, as Palestinians can tell you from previous wars,” she added.

Israel destroys Gaza’s third tower

In Sheikh Jarrah, Palestinians confront the city’s future

What started as protests against forced evictions in a Palestinian neighborhood turned into an Israeli crackdown that engulfed much of occupied East Jerusalem, including holy sites like the Al Aqsa Mosque.

But Sheikh Jarrah is only a neighborhood and displacement occurs in the occupied territories.

As the reverberations in Sheikh Jarrah spread beyond, what impact will this have on the future of Palestinians in Jerusalem?

“Take a step back”: the British minister

The British Middle East Minister urged “both sides to step back” on the brink of what he described as a terrible escalation.

“We have, however, seen an unprecedented level of rocket attacks against Israel,” James Cleverly, a young foreign minister who deals with the Middle East and North Africa, told Sky News. “We want to see the rocket attacks stop.”

Prepare for “several scenarios”: the Israeli army

IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus said the attacks on Gaza would continue as Israel braces for “multiple scenarios.”

“We have ground units that are prepared and are in various stages of preparation for ground operations,” he told reporters on Thursday.

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr prayer inside Al-Aqsa Mosque [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP]

Eid prayers

Hundreds of worshipers attended Eid prayers in the grounds of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam.

Religious leaders have called for calm on the day that marks the end of Ramadan for Muslims around the world.

Translation: Execution of the absent prayers for the souls of the martyrs of Gaza at the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque.

Turkey calls on Muslims to take a clear stance on Gaza

Muslim countries must show a united and clear stance on Israel’s conflict with the Hamas movement in Gaza, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said as he criticized world powers for condemning violence without taking action.

“What we want is active steps to be taken,” Oktay told reporters after morning prayers marking the end of Ramadan.

“There are decisions taken repeatedly at the United Nations, there are condemnations. But unfortunately no results were obtained, because a clear position is not displayed. “

Rockets cause hijacking of Tel Aviv flights

All passenger flights to Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv have been diverted to a southern airport amid persistent rocket fire from Gaza, airport authorities said.

He said guidelines were in place for passenger planes to land at Ramon Airport near the southern resort of Eilat as early as Thursday morning.


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