Is Buying Bitcoin Now a Smart Idea? –

Is Buying Bitcoin Now a Smart Idea? – fr

“We haven’t seen any kind of mania,” Woo continued. “We dropped from a level that was highly organic – no speculative premium,” he said. “The top 2017, for example, we were

I think 3.8% more than the biological assessment. “

Therefore, US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, gave his bias on what crypto assets might be in the future, saying that despite its price volatility, it could be more digital gold, “even though their importance in the global global economy is diminishing

“Gold has long been such a prime asset,” Summers said, “Crypto has a chance of becoming an agreed-upon form in which people who seek security hold wealth. and probably here to stay as some kind of digital gold.

Current data has revealed that most recent sales have been made by investors who have purchased Bitcoin assets in the past few months, suggesting that long-term investors are still bullish on digital assets.


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