Iranian ironically catches fire while burning Israeli flag – Watch – fr

Iranian ironically catches fire while burning Israeli flag – Watch – fr

A video of a man in Iran ironically catching fire after attempting to burn an Israeli flag circulated on Arab social media on Sunday.

The video shows the man raising a burning Israeli flag and trying to wave it, before a sudden gust of wind caused the fire to quickly spread over the pole and onto his clothes. The man responds by dropping the flag and running frantically – hopefully to a nearby pool. According to Arab media who shared the video, the incident took place during a Quds Day protest in Iran. Other people present at the scene can be seen holding Palestinian flags. Last year, Germany banned the burning of all foreign flags within its borders, following the burning of an Israeli flag during an anti-Semitic rally in Berlin. In Iran, however, burning Israeli flags is somewhat of a traditional activity and is often done during national celebrations or mass protests related to Israeli or American politics. Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad, known for his anti-regime rhetoric, also shared the video on Twitter, noting that the phenomenon is not as popular as one might think from watching such videos.

“The authorities of the Islamic Republic attempted to burn the Israeli flag, as they usually do. But this time karma got hold of them and they ended up getting burned, ”she wrote. “Meanwhile, unlike the regime, ordinary Iranians increasingly refuse to burn or march on Israeli and American flags,” she added.

Alinejad has already made headlines for criticizing authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran for the execution of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari. Hossein Salami gave an interview on Iranian television ahead of Jerusalem Day, celebrated Monday in Israel, and said Israel’s “security” had eroded and its security “bubble” had burst in recent months. after the month of Ramadan, which Iran used to encourage regional instability and terrorism. More than 100 Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, amid violent riots across the capital and the West Bank, fueled by tensions over planned evictions in East Jerusalem . additional reinforcements in Jerusalem before Jerusalem Day, usually celebrated throughout the capital and involving thousands of people. In the context of the recent outbreak of violence in the capital, senior Israel Police officials have called for some of the planned activities to change in order to avoid clashes between Jews and Muslims in the Old City. However, starting Sunday afternoon, all events scheduled for Monday in Jerusalem will take place as originally scheduled.

Seth J. Frantzman contributed to this report.


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