Iran “almost certainly” meddles with Scottish elections to destabilize UK – fr

Iran “almost certainly” meddles with Scottish elections to destabilize UK – fr

Opinion polls suggest Thursday’s election in Scotland is cutting edge, with the SNP on hand to win a majority that would see its leader Nicola Sturgeon push for an iron mandate for a new referendum.

If Scotland left the UK, some would see it as a blow to one of the oldest and most influential democracies in the world.

The break-up of the UK also has the potential to achieve Britain’s status as a military power, with the SNP determined to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons from its base on the Clyde.

There is no other place in the UK where the Trident nuclear submarine fleet could easily be moved.

The results are part of a larger investigation into Iran’s growing attempts to interfere in foreign elections.

According to the report, Iran was shown to be trying to interfere in the 2014 independence referendum, creating hundreds of fake accounts which were later deleted by Facebook as part of a crackdown on the interference. foreign.

The report states that the Islamic Republic can no longer be considered a “third tier” country in terms of cyber capabilities. He added: “Iran has become more and more sophisticated in the scope and choice of its target. “

In a Facebook report from February this year, an image was reproduced of a post by a fake Iranian online character mocking the Scottish Tories.

Russia has also attempted to interfere in Scottish democracy, a report by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) revealed last year, citing a “credible” comment that the Putin regime had attempted to influence the 2014 vote.

The Henry Jackson Society report said Iran had actively courted SNP politicians, including Alex Salmond, who has since quit the party and is running in the Scottish election for the Alba party.

In 2015 Mr Salmond, then SNP’s foreign affairs spokesperson in Westminster, visited Tehran and launched a campaign to strengthen Scotland-Iran ties.


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