Investigating BBC reporter who tweeted ‘Hitler was right’ –

Investigating BBC reporter who tweeted ‘Hitler was right’ – fr

The BBC is reportedly investigating one of its Palestinian journalists for tweeting once that “Hitler was right” in comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Digital journalist Tala Halawa is a Palestine specialist for the company’s BBC surveillance service and has reported on recent deadly hostilities between Israel and Hamas, the Spectator noted.

“Israel is more Nazi than Hitler!” she wrote on it Twitter account deleted since during previous hostilities in 2014, according to the British publication.

“Oh, #HitlerWasRight – IDF goes to hell #PrayForGaza,” she wrote.

In other articles, she shared an image of a child burnt on a menorah, as well as a meme claiming that a “solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” would be to “relocate Israel to the United States,” the report.

The BBC journalist's anti-Semitic tweets date back to 2014.
The BBC journalist’s anti-Semitic tweets date back to 2014.
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The reporter also wrote that “Zionists cannot have enough of our blood” and that “they mourn the holocaust every moment, but they also practice it every moment,” the viewer said.

One of Tala Halawa's tweets about Adolf Hitler.
One of Tala Halawa’s tweets about Adolf Hitler.

Halawa was working for 24FM, a Palestinian radio station, at the time of the 2014 tweets, joining the BBC in 2017, according to his since-deleted LinkedIn account.

“These tweets predate the individual’s employment with the BBC, but we nonetheless take this very seriously and are investigating,” a spokesperson for the UK channel told The Spectator.

The posts follow a similar scandal that has pitted CNN against one of its independent contributors, Adeel Raja, who tweeted that “today’s world needs a Hitler.”

Tala Halawa is currently the subject of a BBC investigation.
Tala Halawa is the subject of a BBC investigation.

It also came days after an official investigation ruled that former BBC reporter Martin Bashir used ‘deceptive behavior’ to land his explosive 1995 interview with Princess Diana about cheating in her royal wedding.


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