Inside Dawn French’s incredible 3-story Cornish mansion, it has been sold for millions – fr

Inside Dawn French’s incredible 3-story Cornish mansion, it has been sold for millions – fr

Dawn French recently decided to part ways with her beautiful Cornish mansion after deciding the area was now ‘too hip’.
The Vicar of Dibley star had lived in the precious Point Neptune house for 15 years before deciding to give it up because she no longer liked the “hip” neighborhood of Fowey.

With the mansion for a staggering sum of several million pounds, the 63-year-old left her harbor side home.

Over the years, the actress gave her fans intimate pics inside the place she called home with her daughter Billie and her husband Mark Bignell.

The actress was taking to Twitter with incredible snaps of her delicious Cornish coast lifestyle, which sometimes included her adorable pets.

Dawn French has sold her stunning Cornish mansion for millions

The enormous Point Neptune House overlooked the harbor, with epic views that she could fully enjoy.

The Cornish sun was ideal as the house had a spacious alfresco dining area.

Along with the massive three-story house, it was quite the tall building, but the “low-profile” star had a relaxed vibe throughout, with pets lounging regularly on furniture.

Although the charming property had been Dawn’s home for 15 years, it was reported that she was planning to move from Fowey’s countryside to move elsewhere as she had gotten too ‘cool and hip’.

The Mail on Sunday reported that she had sold the windswept mansion and moved to a new residence in Cornwall, in a more low-key area.

Point Neptune has impressive architecture

Stunning views are available in Cornwall

The Desirable Home is considered one of the area’s most desirable homes, but with its clear visibility for hordes of tourists, it’s no surprise the private star wants to move to a more hidden location.

A source said: ‘Yes Dawn is selling but she stays a lot in Cornwall. She just wanted a change.

“Dawn is discreet and private. The fact that Fowey has recently gotten cool and hip isn’t what she finds appealing on its own.

Dawn's doggies would snuggle up on her couch
Dawn’s doggies would snuggle up on her couch

“It can get very crowded now during the summer. Dawn will always love Fowey and lived 15 wonderful years there. She will miss all the inhabitants who welcomed her. ”

The source went on to say that the star “doesn’t see herself in this celebrity, flashy tribe” and is a “low-key resident”. They went on to explain that it was irrelevant for her to have a “ostentatious house in the center of town”.

Dawn joked on Twitter that the opinions were "terrible" as she shared great ideas
Dawn joked on Twitter that the views were ‘horrible’ as she was sharing great information

The Sweet Harbor has been described as a ‘millionaire’s playground’ and has proven popular with London shoppers.

Last year, a vote was passed to ban the sale of new properties as second homes, as people from outside the area were evaluating residents.


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