Indoor mask rule confuses business owners – CBS Denver – fr

Indoor mask rule confuses business owners – CBS Denver – fr

CENTENNIAL, Colorado (CBS4) – Businesses respond to Colorado’s new mask mandate announced over the weekend. Governor Jared Polis has eased restrictions to allow Coloradans gathered indoors in groups of 10 or more to no longer wear masks, as long as 80% of the group is fully vaccinated.
“I woke up to the news like everyone else, there was a new mandate that we were going to have to implement somehow,” said Karli Millspaugh, owner of Curate Mercantile in Centennial. “In practice, it is very difficult for us as a small business to enforce or control the immunization records of people who enter or leave our homes every day.”

If Millspaugh struggles to enforce the new mask mandate, imagine what restaurants or grocery stores are going through.

King Soopers spokesperson Kelli McGannon responded to CBS4 saying, “Due to the nature of our business, we might not be able to know the vaccination rate of those who come in. We will continue to require all associates and customers to wear a mask when shopping in our stores. “

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There are other issues. Christian Hardigree, dean of Metro State University, gave examples.

“How do we keep this information? Do people really give their informed consent to the disclosure of this type of information with regard to confidentiality? ” she asked. “I think the governor is doing his best, his staff are trying their best to get the economy back on track. “

Letting people take off masks inside may seem like a step forward, but difficult, and customers are caught in the middle.

“If a store says I can walk in without a mask, that’s fine, I won’t wear a mask,” said Rae Cohen, customer at Curate Mercantile.

State officials say the Coloradans can present proof of vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccination record, a photo of one or more legitimate personal files. CBS4 asked the state’s Joint Information Center how the new mask regulations would be enforced and received the following response:

“We expect companies to comply with management and public health decrees, and they carry the weight of the law. Companies or facilities should be wrong in assuming that people entering their indoor site are not vaccinated, unless they show proof of vaccination. While the majority of Coloradans are still unvaccinated, most indoor public places such as grocery stores, retail stores, and gyms will need to require a mask to be worn. “

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Masks are still needed indoors for K-12 students, indoor daycares and children’s camps, public areas of government facilities, care facilities including retirement homes , assisted living and group homes, as well as prisons, prisons, personal services and healthcare facilities. .

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmental website reads:

“In counties with week-long disease incidence rates above 35 per 100,000 – formerly known as blue, yellow, orange, red and purple counties in Dial 3.0 – masks should also be worn in public places.” indoor where at least 10 people or unvaccinated individuals of unknown vaccination status are present.

People are allowed to remove their masks in indoor public spaces if 80% of people in the space have shown proof of vaccination, even if there are 10 or more unvaccinated individuals in the space.

Local communities may have additional mask restrictions. “


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