Indian police visit Twitter offices as Modi embarks on pandemic offense –

Indian police visit Twitter offices as Modi embarks on pandemic offense – fr

Except the plans were fake, doctored on old letterhead, said independent fact-checking organizations and the Congress Party, which filed a police report against Mr. Patra and another BJP leader. Twitter intervened last Thursday, calling the tweet “manipulated media” – and angering government supporters who demanded the Indian government ban the company.

Many attribute the current catastrophe in India to the pride of the government. As cases increased in March, Mr. Modi was campaigning for national elections. His government approved a religious holiday that drew millions of Hindus to the banks of the Ganges.

Mr Modi, who gave regular and stimulating national speeches in the first wave of cases, became less visible in the second wave. Many Indians feel abandoned. With local pandemic lockdowns still in place, rather than taking to the streets, protesters are confined to social media.

This space is getting smaller and smaller, digital rights advocates and public interest advocates have said.

Last month, as the number of viral infections and deaths skyrocketed, at least 25 people were arrested after hanging posters in Delhi that questioned India’s decision to export vaccines to India. ‘foreign.

The posters were made by the ruling Delhi party, another opposition party to the BJP, according to party member Durgesh Pathak.

“In a democracy, asking a question is not wrong,” Pathak said. “I am not abusing anyone. I do not incite anyone to violence. I’m not asking anyone to do anything wrong. I am asking the Prime Minister of my country a question.

Hari Kumar | contribution to reports.


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