India fights ‘black fungus’ infections, COVID death toll exceeds 300,000 – fr

India fights ‘black fungus’ infections, COVID death toll exceeds 300,000 – fr

Health officials in India are working to contain a potentially fatal fungal infection affecting people treated or who have recovered from COVID-19, as the official coronavirus death toll exceeded 300,000 on Monday.
Why is this important: Mucormycosis, an infection with the “black fungus”, is still quite rare, with some 9,000 cases on Saturday, according to NDTV. But Indian health services are overloaded with treating COVID-19 patients, with oxygen and other supplies running out in many places amid slow vaccine deliveries, the AP notes.

  • Mucormycosis has been declared an “epidemic” by health officials in four states, The Times of India reports.
  • The number of deaths from mucormycosis has not been revealed, but local media reported that 250 people have lost their lives due to the infection, according to AP.

The big picture: India’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that the coronavirus has killed 4,454 more people in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID-19 deaths to 303,720 – the third highest in the world after the United States (589,893 deaths) and Brazil (449,068 deaths), by Johns Hopkins.

  • The ministry reported 222,315 new cases of COVID-19, bringing India’s official total to nearly 27 million since the start of the pandemic.
  • Scientists and local health workers say the real numbers are much higher.


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