In pictures: Tens of thousands of people protest against Bolsonaro’s COVID movements

In pictures: Tens of thousands of people protest against Bolsonaro’s COVID movements

Tens of thousands of people in Brazil staged another day of protests against President Jair Bolsonaro, especially for his chaotic handling of the pandemic, which has claimed more than 461,000 lives nationwide.
In downtown Rio de Janeiro, some 10,000 people wearing masks marched through the streets chanting “Genocide Bolsonaro” and “Go away Bolsovirus”.

Similar rallies have taken place in other major cities, the latest in a wave of anger against Bolsonaro that began months ago. After the United States, Brazil has the second highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world.

At the start of the pandemic, the far-right president called COVID-19 a ‘little flu’ and, as the death toll steadily increased, he continued to infuriate people in other ways, opposing the measures. home care and masks. , touting ineffective drugs, turning down vaccine offers and failing to anticipate oxygen shortages that have left patients suffocating.

One of the themes of Saturday’s rallies was how many lives could have been saved if Bolsonaro’s government had launched Brazil’s vaccination campaign earlier. The effort is moving slowly and has often failed for lack of supplies.

“We have to stop this government. We have to say ‘enough is enough’, ”businessman Omar Silveira told AFP news agency at the Rio rally.

From Bolsonaro, he added: “He’s a murderer, a psychopath. He has no feelings. He doesn’t feel like us. He cannot perceive the disaster he is causing.

Protesters also attacked Bolsonaro for allowing Amazon deforestation and land grabs from indigenous peoples and said he encouraged violence and racism.


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