in India, appeals for help are needed – fr

in India, appeals for help are needed – fr

NEW DELHI – Rajni Gill woke up with a mild fever in mid-April, the first warning she had Covid-19. Within days, she was breathless and almost unconscious in a hospital.

Desperate to arrange plasma treatment for Ms Gill, a gynecologist in Noida City, her family called doctors, friends, anyone they thought they could help. Then her sister posted a plea on Facebook: “I am looking for a plasma donor for my sister hospitalized in Noida. She is B positive and is 43 years old. “

The message, quickly amplified on Twitter, was broadcast on the phone of Srinivas BV, an opposition politician in Delhi, who was then in the process of securing plasma for a student. He deputized for a voluntary donor to rush to the blood bank for Mrs. Gill.

“The administration and the systems have collapsed,” Srinivas said. “I have never seen so many people die at the same time.”


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