“If you’re a jungler, you’ve definitely already fallen for the scuttle crab. “ – fr

“If you’re a jungler, you’ve definitely already fallen for the scuttle crab. “ – fr

Canyon on the right, Olleh on the left

On day three of the 2021 mid-season invite, reigning world champions DWG KIA faced LJL representatives DetonatioN FocusMe. While many predicted a landslide victory for DWG KIA, DFM took priority for most of the game and was poised to create what is arguably the biggest upheaval in LoL Esports history. However, even with his back to the wall, DWG KIA remained focused until the very end. A late-game team fight turned the tides for DWG KIA and won the landslide victory over the LJL representatives.

After the game, Inven Global’s special interviewer for MSI, Olleh, spoke to DWG KIA jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu.

You had a difficult start to the game against DFM today. Can you tell us what happened?

Gangplank usually has an early priority against Urgot, but as Gangplank burned their flash at level 1, the game became very difficult.

I think the key point of the match was your black shield in the final team fight. Did you hover your mouse over predicting what was going to happen? Or was it a reaction?

I expected Urgot to go ultimate and used Black Shield reactively.

How do you assess DFM as a team?

It’s hard to say, because of what happened at level 1, but I think they’re a lot better than I thought.

Have you seen Evi give you a thumbs up emote?

Oh i really did [laughter].

When a lane falls behind early, the whole team tends to fall apart from that lane’s deficit. However, this does not appear to be the game for DWG KIA. How does the team communicate in these scenarios?

There are so many scenarios that can take place in a game, so we just keep calm and try to help each other in that regard. Even if one lane is behind, the other four players are trying to close the gap.

I think the biggest upheaval in the tournament has to be DFM beating Cloud9 yesterday. How did you and the team react to this match?

DFM was better than we expected so we were very surprised with their performance.

IWDominate questioned Blaber’s decision to blink to secure the saber crab. What do you think of his decision?

If you’re a jungler, you’ve probably looked for scuttle crab before. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad, because that’s how you learn.

With the victory against all three teams in the group so far, who do you think will be successful in breaking out of groups and entering the Rumble scene on your side?

While DFM is playing very well, hmm… It’s between Cloud9 and them… [thinks for 10 seconds] I still think Cloud9 is going to enter the Rumble scene.

Are there any junglers / teams in this tournament that caught your eye?

Wei from RNG has destroyed his opponents, so it’s the player who catches my attention.

There has been a huge gap between the playoff patch and the MSI patch. There has been a huge change in the roster of champions of the jungle, with Morgana and Rumble rising to the top of this list. Can you tell us more about these champions?

After the patches, cleaning the jungle with your abilities became very important. In this regard, Morgana and Rumble have become very quick to clean up.

Diana is also a champion that many people expect to be chosen, but she isn’t. why is this the case? What do you think of Diana?

I think she is very good, so I think she will be chosen sooner or later.

Lee Sin is chosen as the solo laner in this meta. From a jungler’s point of view, do you think he’s being used to the max?

I haven’t watched the solo laners play Lee Sin in detail, but sometimes they do parts that I don’t understand, like using his W to go into the enemy.

Any advice for players who play Lee Sin solo?

After getting your Q, use the second part as late as possible to reduce the cooldown. Then you’ll have the non-cooldown skill to use it again pretty quickly.

Many pros / streamers / anyone with a multi-server experience have testified to the feeling that each region has its own meta. Ghost also stated that players on EUW are obsessed with dragons, so how was your experience on the EUW server different from that of the KR server?

On the KR server, once the game goes one way, everyone plays the game well as a team, so it’s hard to come back. There are less of them on the EUW servers, so there are more opportunities to come back from a deficit. I think that’s why they’re so obsessed with stacks of dragons; for insurance.

I heard you were the first player to attend MSI to hit 1000 LP on the EUW scale. Do you have any interesting stories in solo queue to share?

I mentioned this in another interview, but Perkz’s room is right next to mine, so he always has his door open when he’s playing. Whenever he dies, he always cries out: “Don’t kill me!”.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, are predicting that DWG KIA will win the tournament. Does this fact put pressure on you? How do you deal with the pressure of having all eyes on you?

I really don’t think this tournament is free. Rather than focusing on what others are thinking / saying, we all just focus on what we need to do, so that we don’t feel pressured at all.

DWG KIA has two days off before the next round of games. Even if the team remains undefeated, what direction is the team taking to train?

We will need to be more wary of early game crashes, especially level 1 invades.


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