I will put the navy on an equal keel by increasing the number of women –

I will put the navy on an equal keel by increasing the number of women – fr

Cdre Terry said the world was now a “very different” place from when he arrived, and that if the fleet had a “great kit,” the armed forces would have to adapt to the use of artificial intelligence (AI ) and stand-alone systems.

“The traditional roles will probably be very, very different,” she said.

“It’s not just going to be the commanders on board a ship in the traditional sense. What you might find are a lot of smaller platforms deployed with commanders in a portable cabin on a pier somewhere.

As a result of the government’s integrated review of foreign, defense, security and development policy, the Department of Defense is to abandon the Royal Navy mine-hunting force in favor of underwater drones and Autonomous surface vessels that can be operated from shore or from another host vessel.

Autonomous systems offered the potential for “a radical change in the way we see and think about the world,” said Cdre Terry.

“Right now, in a world of limited AI, you have highly skilled people spending their time sifting through data.

“If you can get machine learning to do it for you, then your people with high-end skills can focus on niche areas.

“At the end of the day, systems will do more of the heavy lifting, giving our people in-depth specialized analytical skills.”

As for being the first woman to be selected for promotion to Rear Admiral, Cdre Terry was the epitome of the Zero Calm Sea State.

“Someone has to be first,” she said. “There will be others. “


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