“I did not leave this cage without a victory and she stole this from me” – fr

“I did not leave this cage without a victory and she stole this from me” – fr

Although this was later forgotten after Jiri Prochazka delivered one of the best knockouts of the year, in the UFC Vegas 25 prelims there was a controversial fight.

In the main prelims bout, Randa Markos faced Luana Pinheiro in a crucial fight for Markos’ career. Markos had lost four of his last five fights and was likely in the position where a loss would spell the end of his UFC run. As such, Markos came out with a lot of intensity, and even after suffering a cut to his eyelid early in the first round, “Quiet Storm” didn’t hesitate to want to continue the fight. Unfortunately for her, things turned south soon after referee Mark Smith restarted the round.

On the restart, Markos walked through Pinheiro’s cage, throwing punches and trying to create a fight. Although she was more successful than she had before the glance, Markos always found herself thrown to the mat by the black belt in judo, a move that Pinheiro used repeatedly. on Markos Saturday. This would be the last time, because after Pinheiro threw her, Markos attempted to kick him out of Pinheiro and ended up kicking Pinheiro in the head while the Brazilian was still on the mat. What happened next is the cause of much controversy.

Pinheiro had a delayed reaction to the kick and then fell back to the ground, writhing in apparent pain. However, Pinheiro’s delayed reaction led Paul Felder of the UFC commentary team to suggest another explanation. “Hey, I think we get to see a little bit of, what do you call that, playing,” Felder said on the show. UFC Hall of Fame member Michael Bisping then stepped in and discussed the power of upkicks as the ring doctor examined Pinheiro. At this point, a still prone Pinheiro asked if she had lost the fight, at which point Felder retracted his “acting” comment and the fight was called off and deemed a disqualification victory for Pinheiro since the kick de Markos was deemed intentional by referee Mark Forgeron.

Markos was visibly upset by the decision made in the cage and after the fight the commentary team reviewed the end-of-fight kick several times with Felder seemingly questioning the legitimacy of the state Pinheiro’s compromise. Markos had no problem speaking out, however, posting on social media yesterday where she responded to the fight and accused Pinheiro of diving.

I’ve been in the fighting game for a while now. I never intentionally threw an illegal shot. It’s a fight, shit is bound to happen. I took three glances (requiring stitches and vision loss) and never thought for a second that I wasn’t going to continue. I had such a great camp training with @travislutter, @cdpowertrain, and @ adams.justin1 in Texas and was ready to show off my skills for the biggest fighting promotion in the world. Yes my foot grazed him but my opponents unable to continue seemed a little oversold and suspicious. I let her know after the glance that I wasn’t leaving that winless cage and she stole that from me.

I am excited afterwards. I have a heart tone in me that needs to be released. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this camp. Love you all and will be back soon #ufc #quietstorm #mma #easywayout #littlebitch

For what it’s worth, Markos isn’t the only person to question Pinheiro’s intentions. A number of fans seem to think Pinheiro was injured a lot less than he looked and even former two-division champion Henry Cejudo posted on Twitter saying that Pinheiro acted to secure the victory.

Ultimately, while a number of fans and fighters believe Pinheiro could have gone on, it doesn’t make much of a difference. The official result is another loss for Markos, his fourth in a row, and could spell the end of his tenure at the UFC.

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I’m going to ask everyone to find out what you think, but it seems pretty clear to me. Which of these scenarios is most likely true:

Pinheiro got hit by an upkick and was legitimately compromised, it just looked kinda funny.


Pinheiro decided to dive into a fight she was clearly winning so her UFC debut could be marred by the specter of cowardice.

We may never know the answer.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.


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