“I couldn’t let my legacy end like this” – fr

“I couldn’t let my legacy end like this” – fr

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has some tough questions to answer after suffering a fifth loss in his last six fights, but it’s not the end of the line for him yet.

After his original opponent Diego Sanchez was taken out of UFC Vegas 26 and then released by promotion, Cerrone had to decide whether he wanted to stay on the card against someone new or wait until a later date to compete again.

In the end, he chose to fight in welterweight against late substitute Alex Morono, but “Cowboy” ultimately suffered a first-round TKO in the co-main event on Saturday night.

“It’s just a tough day at the office,” Cerrone told ESPN after the fight. “This game can change, all it takes is a big blow. He hit me with a good, pulled me back. Hit me with another. I heard my coaches say grab it and it’s like I don’t know if I can take three.

“The kid came hungry, ready, no apologies from me. I was ready. We warmed up well, got out early, who knows.

Despite his best efforts to dispel the reputation of being a slow starter, Cerrone charging out of the gate also gave Morono the openings he needed to play the matador on his feet while retaliating with a series of blistering counters. A huge right in a particular rally put Cerrone on wobbly legs and it wasn’t until moments later that Morono mustered the series of punches that forced the referee to stop the fight.

“I should have given more kicks for sure,” Cerrone said of his performance. “I should have been a bit busier with my jab, but I knew he had some big overhanging monsters. I was trying not to get tagged by any of them and it didn’t work. ”

It was difficult for the emotion of the moment not to overwhelm Cerrone, who entered the fight with his back already against the wall after UFC President Dana White hinted he might need to speak. to the welterweight and lightweight veteran of his future after suffering. many consecutive defeats.

This latest performance won’t help matters much as Cerrone continues to search for the answers to break his losing streak.

“Heartbroken, for sure,” Cerrone says. ” I do not know. I don’t know what to answer you on, it’s that time. I do not know. I don’t want to, but what I feel and how I play are two different things. It sucks. Who knows. I wanted to go back to 55, these boys at 70 hit hard, they’re big boys, but like I said, no excuses. This kid came in, he was ready.

“It’s really hard to break a streak, isn’t it? I need to break this damn streak because it’s brutal. I would have liked to have had the answers, but it is not.

While Cerrone still believes he has the speed, power, and reaction time to face a younger generation of opponents, he understands that time waits for no one in combat sports.

That said, Cerrone refuses to admit that he already fought his last fight just because Saturday night didn’t go in his direction. In fact, Cerrone believes he’ll know when it’s time to retire before stepping foot in the Octagon, but he refuses to let a first-round TKO serve as the final scoring on his resume.

” Absolutely not [my last fight]. Certainly not. I’ll never go out like this, ”Cerrone said. “I will, I will know it 100% [it’s the last fight] and i will come in and hope i will whip that ass right away. There’s no way I’m going to end up like this. I couldn’t let my legacy end like this.

“But I’m going to call the boss and say ‘hey man I know it’s been a rough few years but when it’s time let me go.


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