Hyundai’s premium brand Genesis confirms UK launch in 2021 – fr

Hyundai’s premium brand Genesis confirms UK launch in 2021 – fr

Genesis will arrive in the UK this summer, with the electric version of its new G80 sedan leading an ambitious launch plan that will include a dedicated European model and two more electric vehicles within a year.

Hyundai launched its premium brand in Korea and the United States in 2015, and its European expansion will now begin with sales in the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

The large G80 sedan and the large GV80 SUV will arrive here in June, with the electrified G80 (which is offered elsewhere with a 365bhp twin-engine powertrain) the first model due to reach customers.

Genesis has not yet detailed which powertrains will be offered in the UK, but said the models have been specifically designed for European roads.

The decision to launch Genesis’ larger cars first is likely an effort to set the brand’s premium benchmarks and reflects the fact that they are the newest in its fleet, having been revealed last year.

The G80 and GV80 will be followed “soon after” by the small junior sedan G70 and the mid-size SUV GV70, and Genesis has promised that a “dedicated European product” will arrive within a year.

Two more EVs, including one built on a bespoke EV platform, will also arrive in the first year of sales in the UK.

Genesis has not shared any details, but the latter is likely to be a production version of the Mint city car concept or the X grand touring concept. Genesis bosses say the brand will focus on offering a car. ” a premium experience through a web-centric and customer service-centric sales model.

It will implement a “transparent” fixed price structure, with a limited number of automotive specifications. A five-year care plan that covers maintenance, roadside assistance, and over-the-air software updates will be included in the price, and Genesis will offer a car subscription service.

Customers will be able to purchase cars entirely online, although Genesis will also be opening “studios” in London, Munich and Zurich for those who wish to purchase in person.

Each Genesis customer will also be assigned a personal assistant, who will be their sole point of contact throughout their purchase process and ownership.


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