How to open a can without a can opener –

How to open a can without a can opener – fr

Maybe your can opener is broken, lost, or buried in a moving box. Maybe your hotel room or vacation rental just doesn’t have one. Either way, you might find yourself anxious to tuck into a tin of baked beans, only to find that you have no way of breaking its thin metal lid.

But as To live in the countryside explains, the lid is much more fragile than most other metal utensils in your kitchen. And while you may be inclined to take the bigger, sharpest – say, a butcher’s knife – to open the box, you can actually get the job done without stabbing him like a murderer in a hokey horror movie.

Your best bet is a spoon. First, grab the spoon under the handle so that only the tip is visible under your pinky finger. Then place this dot on the edge of the can, where you would usually place a can opener, and start pressing it back and forth in the same spot. It should not take long for a small hole to appear. Dig the tip of the spoon into this hole, then saw your way around the edge of the entire box (or at least around enough perimeter to make it easier to fold the lid back). The edge of the box will be jagged, so you’ll still need to be careful to avoid injury, but it’s safer than using a knife.

You can watch YouTuber DaveHax demonstrate the technique in the video below.

[h/t Country Living]


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