How the army of the dead added to Tig Notaro –

How the army of the dead added to Tig Notaro – fr

The visual effects team for Army of the dead deserves an award.

Army of the dead finally released on Netflix, and as a fan of ride-or-die zombie movies, I enjoyed every second of it.

And like all Zack Snyder movies, I love hearing about his directing process and how he brought his vision to the screen.

Good, Army of the dead presented one challenge in particular that Zack and Debbie Snyder hadn’t anticipated during the filming of the film: They would have to digitally add Tig Notaro months after filming was finished.

Originally, Chris D’Elia played Peters, the helicopter pilot, but after several allegations of sexual misconduct in June 2020, the Army of the dead The team made the decision to remove D’Elia from the film.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Zack said it was a “fairly easy” decision to remove D’Elia entirely, but it was a “costly decision”. Although he did not give an exact figure, Zack said the covers had cost “a few millions.”

Clay Enos / Netflix

Debbie Snyder added that it was basically the cost of “our little German movie,” which refers to Army of thieves, the next prequel of Army of the dead.

The millions of dollars spent by Netflix were used to digitally erase D’Elia from all footage, resume shots with Tig Notaro, and create visual effects. And, on top of all that, there have been recoveries during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, with Tig being immunocompromised – she is a cancer survivor – and how advanced post-production was already, Tig actually filmed all of her scenes completely on her own.

In fact, Dave Bautista – who directs the film as Scott Ward – still hasn’t met Tig, even though they’ve shared many scenes together in Army of the dead.


In an interview with Vulture, Dave said, “I feel like I should know her. I want to meet her and I want to hug her and tell her how amazing she was in the movie. ”

So what ended up happening was Zack and the visual effects team replicated the camera angles and “physical spaces” of the original. Army of the dead scenes in a studio in California, so that Tig could fit into the film as perfectly as possible.


The rest of the film shot on location in New Mexico in 2019.

Because not only did Tig have to film all of the big Peters scenes, but she also had to film all the little moments where she’s just in the background.

With D’Elia completely edited – instead of Tig’s performance just glued to his own – Tig had a little more “freedom” to move around, which made everything feel more natural.


However, it still had to be very precise. Tig explained that it was a “very technical shoot,” and she was told which direction to look and she had to follow a pre-mapped line on the ground as she walked.

Also, Tig couldn’t add lines. His dialogue had to be word for word what D’Elia was saying, because the reactions of the other characters were already recorded.

Zack explained that some of the “trickier shots” to recreate were actually when Tig’s character was walking with others, and that involved a lot of post-production work.


When Tig had to physically touch another character, the moment was pantomimed where Tig’s assistant was there wearing a green suit. Zack also had to tell Tig how fast or how fast she had to walk, so that her footsteps matched the pace of the other characters. In fact, sometimes Tig had to redo the scene and just move an “inch”.

There was only one scene Tig filmed with another actor. Ana de la Reguera has come to bed for a “half day,” just to film a moment when Maria drives Peters to the helicopter.

And all of their hard work has paid off. Even before Army of the dead was released, Tig was all the rage on Twitter just from his moment in the trailer.

Twitter: @shrutiraoart

Tig told Vulture, “My phone started to explode: ‘You’re all the rage on Twitter! Everyone’s talking about how sexy AF you are. “”

Watching Army of the dead now I can’t imagine it without Tig Notaro and his hilarious comedic timing.

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