How Alexander Lukashenko became the last dictator in Europe –

How Alexander Lukashenko became the last dictator in Europe – fr

Like many successful dictators, he is also a talented judge of character and has a knack for manipulating and inspiring his subordinates.

“He has a magnetic presence. It hypnotizes you, ”said the former official, who resigned last year shortly after the anti-government protests broke out.

“When you talk to him, you feel like you’ve known each other for a thousand years. You don’t want to leave, ”added the official.

Mr. Lukashenko was born to a single mother in the Vitebsk region of what was then the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954.

After completing his national service in the Soviet border guards in the mid-1970s, he joined the Communist Party and eventually became the chairman of a collective farm – lending him a rough, son of the ground character of which he was a part. . his personal political mark ever since.

He entered politics after the fall of the Soviet Union and managed to win an election, probably fairly, in 1994 by running for an anti-corruption ticket.

But his approach to government was reminiscent of that of the management of Soviet collective farms, where the president exercised absolute authority.

At the start of his career, four main opponents disappeared, who were said to have been murdered. No election since the one that brought him to power has been deemed free or fair.


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