Holiday hot spots Spain, Greece and France “will be added to the green list by the end of June” – fr

Holiday hot spots Spain, Greece and France “will be added to the green list by the end of June” – fr

Spain, Greece and France are expected to be added to the UK’s green traveler list by the end of June, it has been claimed.
That would mean Britons can vacation in those countries this summer without having to self-quarantine for two weeks on return as popular tourist destinations desperately seek to open their borders.

Ministers are currently in the process of finalizing the list, although none of the three countries above are expected to make the initial cut, when non-essential travel will be permitted again from May 17.

But with reviews expected every few weeks, insiders say they will be there by the end of next month.

Holiday favorite Portugal is said to be close to being on the first green list, the others likely being Malta, Iceland, Israel, Morocco, Gibraltar and Grenada.

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Britain could open separate travel lanes for Greek and Spanish islands

“It’s a rolling, evolving list that will start cautiously but could start to change quickly,” a government source told The Telegraph.

“It’s not like a one-off list that affects the entire summer. It will be updated and more countries will be added. “

Ministers are also said to be confident that the Caribbean in the United States can be included by the end of June.

Britons returning from Red List countries will have to be quarantined in hotels for £ 1,750 per capita, while those returning from Orange List countries will have to self-isolate for 10 days at home.

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Those returning from Green List nations will not have to self-isolate, but will instead have to pay for two Covid tests each.

A Downing Street source told The Times jet-setters need to be patient, but reiterated that there will be a “big bang for summer vacation” in the coming weeks.

“June will look a lot more like normal, so there will be a lot of traditional vacation destinations on the list,” they said.

People wear protective masks at the Trocadéro in front of the Eiffel Tower
France is unlikely to make the first cut on the green list

But with Spain and Greece likely to be placed on the Amber List to begin with, that would mean all of their islands would be cut as well.

This is despite the fact that the Balearics have a Covid rate that is less than a quarter of that of the mainland, while the Canaries have vaccinated almost a third of all adults.

The ministers therefore reportedly agreed to separate travel corridors for the Spanish, Greek and Portuguese islands, even though the mainland still has high levels of Covid.

The EU plans to let in anyone who has received both doses of a vaccine for tourism.

And Britons who have not been fully vaccinated will likely be allowed in, too, if the UK is added to a soon-to-be-expanded ‘safe’ list run by Brussels.

A country’s 14-day case rate should only drop to 100 per 100,000, instead of 25 as it is now. The UK is around 46 years old.

Boris Johnson, who was in a jubilant mood yesterday as he told reporters the UK had hit the 50 million vaccine dose mark, said the overseas travel approach would make sense.

During a visit to Hartlepool, the Prime Minister said: ‘We want to make some opening on May 17th, but I don’t think the people of this country want to see an influx of disease from everywhere else.

“It’s definitely not and we have to be very, very tough, and we have to be as careful as possible as we continue to open up. “

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport told the Mirror: “The task force is working to relaunch international travel in a safe and sustainable manner, from May 17 at the earliest. This will allow families and friends to come together and businesses to start thriving again, while ensuring public health is protected.

“As we have always said, we will confirm by early May whether international travel can resume on May 17 and which countries will be on which list determining travel conditions.”


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