His Staff “Seemed Scared” Last Time I Was – fr

His Staff “Seemed Scared” Last Time I Was – fr

Comedian Adam Carolla spoke out on Fox Business’s “Varney & Co.” on Friday, the workplace misconduct scandal involving comedian Ellen DeGeneres’ eponymous talk show, and the news she’s got. decided to end the program next year.

When asked recently if she thought she was “canceled” – ala “culture of cancellation” – DeGeneres, 63, replied that she did not understand the claims of an abrasive work environment: “I do not understand still not, it was too orchestrated; too coordinated, ”she said.

Carolla said he’s been a guest on the DeGeneres show several times, but his last appearance was around ten years ago.

Carolla vividly remembers being struck by the feeling that DeGeneres staff seemed “scared”, compared to other talk shows.

“When you walk into a show, whether it’s Jay Leno’s show, Jimmy Kimmel or David Letterman, there’s a vibe like any workplace,” he said, adding that, on the other hand, the staff at Kimmel’s ABC talk show are more relaxed. “

“Everyone is in a good mood, there is no pressure [on « Jimmy Kimmel Live »]. I did the Ellen show, everyone was scared. This is the impression with which I left more than ten years ago, ”he added.

“Her thing about not knowing what was going on may be true. I’m a boss and don’t feel like you have to be everyone’s best friend … you have to treat people fairly and most importantly pay them – but I noticed several years ago that his staff had fear. “

He recalled that his segment producer was indeed “scared” of the environment on the DeGeneres program at the time.

Carolla also rang the bell on the “burning garbage barge” into which Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom turned California.


He told host Stuart Varney that he, like many other residents, intends to escape the state once his children have completed their education.

“Newsom is essentially ‘Dictator’ – and he’s a jester. I interviewed Gavin Newsom and if you want to listen to me take Gavin Newsom apart on my podcast from about 5 years ago it’s on the Internet, ”he remarked.

“He’s an idiot, California is too regulated,” he added, calling the state’s teachers’ unions the “cowards” who control Newsom.


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