Hijacking of armed bus ended as children “ask a lot of questions” – fr

Hijacking of armed bus ended as children “ask a lot of questions” – fr

Children in the United States helped stop the hijacking of a school bus by “asking a lot of questions.” Check out the footage of the hijacking here:

An Army intern boarded the bus in South Carolina on Thursday, May 6, before pointing a gun at the driver and ordering him to go to the nearby town.

He also ordered the 18 students on the bus to go to the front – even though that turned out to be a mistake.
Speaking at a press conference, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said the children had started to “frustrate” the shooter by flooding him with questions.
“The children were asking questions. ‘Are you going to hurt us?’ ‘Are you a soldier?’ “Are you a bus driver? So they were kids, they were kids, ”Lott said.
“I think that added to the frustration he was having. “
Six minutes later, the gunman let everyone off the bus, before driving a short distance and exiting the bus himself.
Lott added, “There were six minutes, six minutes, they were traumatized. Six full minutes the villain was on the bus with a gun. “
The suspect was named as a 23-year-old military intern at Fort Jackson, Jovan Collazo of New Jersey.
Jovan Collazo faces numerous charges. Credit: Richland County Sheriff
He was charged with 19 counts of hijacking, as well as a number of other counts, including car theft and armed robbery.
Lott praised the bus driver for the way he handled the situation.
He said: “I will pay tribute to the bus driver. He kept his cool. He didn’t overreact. He didn’t get excited. He kept his cool enough to keep the situation calm.
“And I will tell you that his main concern was the safety of these children. ”
Lott praised the bus driver for keeping his cool. Credit: Facebook / Richland County Sheriff’s Department
Brigadier-General Milford Beagle Jr, the base commander at Fort Jackson, said he believed the suspect was homesick which prompted him to climb a high fence and flee through a wood before hijacking the bus.
According to NBC News, he said: “As he got off the bus, one thing he was trying to do… was try to acquire new clothes and a ride, which we assume would have been at a bus station. , at the airport, at the train. station in order to get home.
“There is nothing that leads us to believe – through his advice, through anything in his testing records – that it has anything to do with harming others, doing struggling to himself. “
Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.


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