Here’s what you need to know May 17, 2021 – fr

Here’s what you need to know May 17, 2021 – fr

STRAIT – The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan rose to 876,854 on Monday, including 18,627 deaths, state officials report.

Monday’s update includes a total of 2,230 new cases and 20 more deaths in the past two days. Michigan reported a total of 874,624 cases and 18,607 deaths on Saturday.

Testing has been stable around 35,000 diagnostic tests reported per day on average, with the Positive rate over 7 days less than 8% from Sunday, lower than a week ago. Hospitalizations have declined over the past three weeks.

Overall, new cases have slowed down over the past 21 days. The state’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 1,713 on Sunday, lower than a week ago. The 7-day average of deaths was 65 on Sunday, slightly lower than the past two weeks. The state’s death rate is 2.1%. The state is also reporting “active cases,” which were listed at 151,000 on Sunday. More than 755,000 people have recovered in Michigan.

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Michigan has reported more than 7.6 million doses COVID-19 vaccine administered from Friday, with 55.7% of 16+ residents have received at least one dose during 44.7% of residents aged 16 and over are considered fully vaccinated.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 32.9 million cases have been reported in the United States, with over 585,900 deaths reported by the virus. Worldwide, more than 1.3 billion doses of vaccine have been administered.

Around the world, more than 163 million people have been confirmed infected and over 3.3 million died. More than 94 million people have recovered, according to Johns Hopkins University. The real numbers are certainly much higher, due to the limited testing, the different ways nations count the dead, and the deliberate underreporting of some governments.

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Vaccinations at COVID-19 in Michigan: How to find appointments, information on phases

Coronavirus titles:

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Michigan is lifting mask requirements for most indoor and outdoor environments for fully immunized residents, in accordance with new guidelines issued by the CDC.

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The new order will take effect on Saturday, May 15 at 9 a.m.

As part of updating the order of MDHHS gatherings and masks, the Michiganders who are outside will no longer need to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

Inside, fully vaccinated Michiganders no longer need to wear a mask, but residents who are not vaccinated or have not completed their vaccination should continue to wear a mask or face shield to protect themselves and others.

After July 1, the broad mandate for indoor masks will expire.

Michigan has achieved first of four vaccine milestones that will trigger the easing of COVID-19 restrictions statewide. Here’s what you need to know about the situation.

If you missed the announcement at the end of April, Gouverneur Gretchen Whitmer revealed the state will ease COVID-19 restrictions based on the percentage of Michiganders who received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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In short, some restrictions will be relaxed or removed when the condition reaches 55%, 60%, 65% and 70% of people with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Click here to read details on the four thresholds and what restrictions will be relaxed at each stage.

For each stage, the restriction changes will take effect two weeks later to allow the vaccines to take effect.

Although the numbers are still high across Michigan, the COVID-19 surge in the state is finally slowing after a multi-month spike.

But Michigan’s daily number of new virus cases still dominates the country by a slight margin, and vaccinations – which experts see as the most important tool in controlling the virus – have slowed statewide.

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As the data begins to move in the right direction, the state still has some way to go before “normalcy” can be restored.

Just two weeks ago, Michigan was identified as the only state in the country at “serious” risk of the spread of COVID-19 by the Covid Act Now research group.

Read here.

Michigan outlines four specific vaccination goals that, when achieved, will directly trigger the easing of some statewide COVID-19 restrictions, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has revealed.

This is how the plan works:

  • Step 1: Two weeks after 55% of Michiganders have had at least one shot, the state will allow in-person work for all lines of business.
  • 2nd step: Two weeks after 60% of Michiganders have had at least one shot, the state will increase indoor capacity and sports stadiums and indoor capacity of conference centers, banquet halls and funeral homes to 25%. It will also increase the capacity of exercise facilities and gymnasiums to 50% and lift the curfew in restaurants and bars.
  • Step 3: Two weeks after 65% of Michiganders have had at least one shot, the state will lift all indoor capacity limits and only require social distancing between the parties, as well as additional limits on residential social gatherings.
  • Step 4: Two weeks after 70% of the Michiganders have received at least one shot, the state will lift the order for rallies and face masks so that the MDHSS does not largely mitigate it unless there are unforeseen circumstances (variants that resist the vaccine, etc.).

The “MI Vacc To Normal” plan will use data from Michiganders aged 16 and over who received their first dose. It is designed to bring Michigan to its original goal of vaccinating 70% of the population aged 16 and over.

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Find out more here.

New daily reported cases and deaths have declined over the past week, but the state’s latest COVID data update on Thursday confirmed what everyone on the frontlines may be feeling: COVID-related hospitalizations are still a serious problem.

As of April 19, there were 4,211 people in Michigan hospitals with coronavirus. This is the highest number of patients since April 2020.

Health officials are also concerned about the spread of several variants of the virus throughout Michigan.

Find out more here.

Michigan extended the COVID-19[feminine[feminine decree that implemented restrictions on gatherings, restaurants, places of entertainment and more.

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The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services extended the outbreak order until May 24. It also expanded the mask requirements to include children between the ages of 2 and 4.

“Michigan continues to implement smart health policies and mitigation measures to combat the spread of COVID-19,” said Elizabeth Hertel, director of the MDHHS. “This includes the requirement to wear a mask in public and at gatherings, limits for residential social gatherings inside more than 15 people with no more than three households, and expanded testing requirements for sports for. young people.”

Read the latest information on restrictions here.

All Michigan residents aged 16 and over became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on April 5, nearly a month before the May 1 date promised by President Joe Biden.

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People aged 16 to 49 with certain medical conditions or disabilities are qualified as of March 22, when people aged 50 to 64 started to be vaccinated following a previous announcement. Two days later, on March 24, a federally-selected regional mass vaccination site opened at Ford Field in Detroit to administer an additional 6,000 doses per day for two months.

Find out more here.

SUITE: Michigan’s Updated COVID-19 Immunization Schedule: Who Is Eligible and When

The COVID-19 variant detected in Brazil has been identified in Bay County. This variant is known as the P1 strain and it is more contagious and over 50% capable of re-infecting.

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The infected person in Bay County and those with whom they have been in contact will need to be quarantined for 14 days. It is not known what effect, if any, this will have on those, including the elderly, who have been previously vaccinated, as there is not enough research to know exactly.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer released a statement earlier this month after White House officials announced they were increasing the COVID-19 vaccine doses available in Michigan.

Shipping in early April was increased by 66,020, bringing the total number of doses to 620,040 – a weekly record for the state. Officials said the allocation includes 147,800 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine.

It comes after Whitmer recently requested more vaccines as the state sees an increase in the number of COVIDs.

The CDC said Michigan led the country in new COVID-19 cases by population.

Local 4’s Dr Frank McGeorge said he has seen a very marked increase in the number of COVID patients at the hospital where he works.

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“Many of them need to be hospitalized. I would honestly say it looks worse here in Southeast Michigan than it did during the wave that started in November. Now the most disturbing trend is the number of middle-aged people with severe COVID, ”McGeorge said.

Cases reported daily in Michigan COVID-19 since May 1:

  • May 1 – 3,431 new cases
  • May 2 – 2,517 new cases
  • May 3 – 2,518 new cases
  • May 4 – 2,527 new cases
  • May 5 – 2,589 new cases
  • May 6 – 3,514 new cases
  • May 7 – 2,758 new cases
  • May 8 – 1,825 new cases
  • May 9 – 1,358 new cases
  • May 10 – 1,358 new cases
  • May 11 – 1,992 new cases
  • May 12 – 2,171 new cases
  • May 13 – 2,057 new cases
  • May 14 – 1,766 new cases
  • May 15 – 1,289 new cases
  • May 16 – 1,115 new cases
  • May 17 – 1,115 new cases

Michigan COVID-19 reports deaths daily since May 1:

  • May 1 – 131 new deaths (98 according to civil status)
  • May 2 – 14 new deaths
  • May 3 – 15 new deaths
  • May 4 – 126 new deaths (including 51 according to civil status)
  • May 5 – 42 new deaths
  • May 6 – 115 (92 according to civil status)
  • May 7 – 30 new deaths
  • May 8 – 122 new deaths (83 according to civil status)
  • May 9 – 17 new deaths
  • May 10 – 16 new deaths
  • May 11 – 99 new deaths (32 according to civil status)
  • May 12 – 17 new deaths
  • May 13 – 112 new deaths (73 according to civil status)
  • May 14 – 33 new deaths
  • May 15 – 107 new deaths
  • May 16 – 10 new deaths
  • May 17 – 10 new deaths

Coronavirus Resources:

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