Here’s a really messy but plausible ‘Easttown mare’ theory – fr

Here’s a really messy but plausible ‘Easttown mare’ theory – fr

There is something about a trend of high profile actresses to star in dark crime shows – Carey Mulligan in Collateral, Olivia Colman in Broadchurch, Gillian Anderson dans The fall, Elisabeth Moss in Top of the lake, or even Mireille Enos in The slaughter. I liked them all with a few caveats, but I wonder if seven-time Oscar nominee (and once winner) Kate Winslet Easttown mare Maybe trying to carve out his own niche here as a true anti-hero of the group.

Obviously, Mare isn’t a murderer, but I’m starting to wonder after this week’s episode if she’s someone our alliances should be lying about? He’s a good detective, but also a terrible kind of person, isn’t he? She makes a scene in a restaurant to intentionally embarrass someone. She questions a clergyman in the church rather than at the station. She barges into her ex-husband’s family home evening and asks to talk to him about a rumor that she sleeps with a student in front of her fiancée. Her son “fucking king hated her” before committing suicide, and now it seems Mare planted drugs on her grandchild’s mother in order to prevent her from getting custody.

Also, she vapes. If it wasn’t Kate Winslet but a male detective and he was vaping and planting drugs on the mother of his grandchildren, I don’t think our instinct would be to support him. And yet, at the end of this week’s episode, when Mare’s boss accused her of planting drugs on the mother of her grandchildren, my first thought was, “No. You are wrong! Someone else did this to frame Mare! She’s not like that!

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was exactly like that. She’s a great sleuth – as evidenced by her ability to find a bullet at Erin’s crime scene – but he’s a lousy human being, and maybe because of all the baggage she’s racked up – the loss of his son, the loss of his father, the divorce, his shitty mother (but my God, Jean Smart is playing a shitty super mom).

In the meantime, I have no idea what’s going on with Evan Peters’ accent, but I’m digging it, and I’m digging what little lightness it brings to the show as well. He’s good at a wisecrack, but it would be wise to stop staring inappropriately while he’s drunk. This is not going anywhere good.

As for Erin’s murderer? Well, it was almost certainly not Dylan, who somehow survived, much to Kenny’s dismay, who confessed to the murder to them only to learn that Dylan had survived. I do not thought it’s Frank either. It really seemed like he was only trying to help Erin, but why did he lie to Mare that he didn’t know her well? Also, what were those looks that Frank’s fiancée, Faye, was giving Mare? Were those eye daggers? Or were they looks that said, “Hmmm. Maybe my husband has been sleep with his student? The fact that he was ready to take a paternity test seems to rule that out, but then again, we haven’t seen the results yet.

The prime suspect this week, however, appears to be Deacon Mark, who was not only the last person Erin called, but who also threw his bike away at the end of the episode. He was also transferred from another parish for unexplained reasons, and this is never a good sign when dealing with Catholic priests. Then again, this series now has a habit of bringing in a suspect only to rule them out in the next episode. I think Deacon Mark might cover someone, namely Mare’s cousin, Father Dan Hastings.

But here’s another thought if you’re considering theories, as this one would be messy. What if Frank’s paternity test was positive, but Frank’s do not the father. What if Kevin – their late son – was actually the father? What if Frank knew that, and this is why was he helping Erin? What if Frank’s fiancée, Faye, killed Erin, because she thought Frank was sleeping with her? None of this would explain, however, why Deacon Mark decided to dump Erin’s bike.

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