Here are which local stores still need masks – WSOC TV – fr

Here are which local stores still need masks – WSOC TV – fr

North Carolina companies have started updating their mask guidelines following Governor Roy Cooper’s announcement that most mandatory mask warrants are being lifted.

This means that in most contexts, inside or out, the state will no longer require that North Carolinians be socially distanced or wear a mask. There will always be certain settings where masks and other security measures will be required.

Cooper said some businesses, restaurants and places may continue to have restrictions or mask requirements, but they are no longer mandated to do so.

Here is a list of updated mask tips from local grocery stores, restaurants, breweries, entertainment venues, and sports:

Grocery stores

Harris Teeter – Still need masks

“At this time, Harris Teeter continues to require everyone in our stores to wear masks. As we have done throughout the pandemic, we are reviewing current safety practices, the latest CDC guidelines, and soliciting feedback from our valued associates to guide the next phase of our policy.

PublixNot requiring masks

“Due to recently updated guidance from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Publix will no longer require fully vaccinated associates or clients to wear masks unless required by a prescription or prescription. national or local, as of May 15. As per CDC guidelines, people who are not fully vaccinated are required to use a face mask on their nose and mouth at any Publix store. “

Lion food – Still need masks

“As has been the case throughout the pandemic, our priority remains the health and well-being of our customers and associates. For the sake of care for customers and associates, we encourage customers to continue to wear masks in our stores. Masks will always be part of the Food Lion dress code for associates. I will notify you of any changes to our policy regarding this issue. ”

Trader Joe’s – Not requiring masks

In a reportTrader Joe’s said he encourages clients “to follow the advice of health officials, including, where applicable, CDC guidelines that advise clients who are fully vaccinated not to wear a mask during their purchases. “

Whole foods – Still need masks

(WATCH: Cooper lifts all collection, distance, and most mask requirements in NC)

Department stores

Target – Still need masks

Walmart – Not requiring masks

“Starting today, customers and members who have been vaccinated are encouraged to shop without a mask, and we will continue to ask unvaccinated customers and members to wear masks in our stores and clubs. We will update signage in our facilities to reflect this. “

Home Depot – Still need masks

“We haven’t made any changes to our mask policy yet, but we’ll follow up and let you know if anything changes. ” Click on here for The Home Depot Mask Policy.

Costco – Not requiring masks

“In Costco locations where the state or local jurisdiction does not have a mask mandate, we will allow members and guests who are fully vaccinated to enter Costco without a mask or face shield. We will not require proof of vaccination, but we ask for responsible and respectful member cooperation with this revised policy. Face coverings will always be needed in healthcare settings, especially in pharmacies, optics and hearing aids. Costco continues to recommend that all members and guests, especially those at higher risk, wear a mask or shield. “

(WATCH: CDC issues new mask guidelines for those fully vaccinated)

Restaurants and brasseries

Starbucks – Does not require masks from May 17th

“With the widespread availability of vaccines and the progress underway against COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now recommends that fully vaccinated people be able to resume their activities indoors without wearing a mask, except when required by local regulations or law. As such, face covers will be optional for clients vaccinated from Monday, May 17, unless local regulations require them by law. “

Cabarrus Brewing Co. – Not requiring masks

“Due to the governor’s lifting of the mask mandate, we will no longer require masks to be worn indoors or outdoors here at CBC. We encourage you to keep trying to distance yourself when possible, and those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask are encouraged to do so.

Entertainment venues

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center – Still need masks

“We are waiting for the county councils. We are following CDC, state, and county guidelines, which have not changed their mask requirement. For now, we are allowing increased capacity, but we require everyone to wear a mask, as currently prescribed by the county. “


“We are aware of the updated CDC guidelines regarding face covers and social distancing. At the same time, a number of states are also revising their COVID-19 protocols. Our teams are evaluating the impact of these changes on our parks, the next steps and the schedule. We will continue to encourage our customers to comply with national and local jurisdictions to ensure the health and safety of our guests and associates. “

Sport Venues

PNC Arena (Hurricanes de la Caroline) – Still need masks

“The state may be in the process of lifting the mask mandate … but the NHL still has a protocol in place that anyone entering the building must have a mask,” Don Waddell said of the masks at the building. inside the PNA Arena.

Champ Truist (Charlotte Knights) – Not requiring masks, but recommended if you are not vaccinated

(WATCH: Charlotte Knights doesn’t need masks at Truist Field)


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