Here are some of the restrictions British Columbia could lift on Tuesday –

Here are some of the restrictions British Columbia could lift on Tuesday – fr

VANCOUVER – Almost two months after British Columbia introduced its ‘circuit breaker’ against the alarming COVID-19 transmission, officials are preparing to ease some restrictions this week.

Premier John Horgan, Provincial Health Administrator Dr Bonnie Henry, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Employment Minister Ravi Kahlon announce plans to “restart the province safely” during a press conference at 1 p.m. Tuesday. CTV News will broadcast the event live.

Last week, Horgan teased that British Columbians can expect ‘the breaker to be over’ after the long weekend in May, but health officials declined to share specific details about the advanced.

According to the government website, several province-wide restrictions are only expected to remain in effect until midnight on Victoria Day, including a ban on indoor eating in bars and the restaurants.

This measure, which was prompted by an increasing number of clusters of cases in these establishments, posed a major challenge to the restaurant industry.

Despite the lack of clear guarantees from officials that indoor dining will be back as it was before the circuit breaker was introduced in March, some bars and restaurants are continuing preparations to reopen Tuesday morning.

Jeff Guignard, executive director of the BC Alliance of Beverage Licensees, told CTV News that establishments have been in a “waiting situation” since the premier’s announcement.

“Most of the industry is holding their breath right now,” Guignard said. “They are frustrated that he had a press conference last week that he did not give us the clarity we needed. “

He acknowledged that restaurants could be forced to close again after Tuesday morning if the government reintroduces modified versions of one of the breaker restrictions, but said they were hoping for the best and had to be ready to go afterwards. . a difficult spring.

“It makes it really, really hard to plan, right? Because it will take us days to be fully operational, ”added Guignard.

According to data shared during Henry’s modeling presentation on April 15, restaurants and bars experienced the highest number of clusters of cases of any work place in the Vancouver Coastal Health area between February and March of this year. There have been over 150 confirmed cases in these settings during this period, almost four times as many as in fitness studios and gyms.

British Columbia’s ban on indoor fitness classes for adults will also expire at midnight, as will the order allowing health officials to shut down workplaces for at least 10 days after transmission incidents on place that leave at least three sick employees.

Part of the breaker also involved the suspension of plans in British Columbia to allow a limited number of religious gatherings indoors. This planned gap only applied to services between March 28 and May 13, however, and it is not clear whether Tuesday’s announcement will bring good news for churches.

The travel restriction prohibiting people from moving between three designated regions of the province will also expire on Tuesday, according to the government website.

Hundreds of vehicles have been returned to RCMP roadblocks since the measure was introduced. This includes more than 100 vehicles that were forced to turn around between Thursday and Saturday. Authorities said two drivers were also charged over the weekend for failing to stop for police.

When the circuit breaker measures were introduced on March 29, the number of COVID-19 cases was increasing at an alarming rate. The province’s seven-day moving average hit an all-time high of 1,130 cases per day on April 12, but that number has been falling steadily for several weeks.

By Friday it had fallen to 438 per day – which is about as low as it fell between the peaks of the second and third waves of the pandemic in British Columbia.

Health officials tempered expectations on what to expect on Tuesday. Henry stressed last week that “nothing will come back to 100 percent” and used the metaphor of a dimmer to describe the province’s approach to loosening the rules.

“It’s going to move slowly but surely towards the light,” she said.

The government has also not hinted that the ban on welcoming friends and family indoors, which has been banned since November, will be lifted this week. Currently, residents of British Columbia are only permitted to gather outdoors in groups of 10 people or less.


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