Herd immunity proves elusive – some experts say we’ll never get there –

Herd immunity proves elusive – some experts say we’ll never get there – fr

Good night, here are the coronavirus updates you need to know tonight.

Main titles:

  1. Collective immunity proves frustrating, with many experts warning we may never achieve it
  2. Ombudsman group warns prime ministers to carefully consider pitfalls of showing people proof of vaccination to access public services
  3. University of Western Ontario says it will require students living in residences to be vaccinated against COVID-19

In the last 7 days, 23 632 cases have been reported, down 33 percent of the previous 7 days. There was 300 announced deaths, up 5 percent during the same period. At least 2 774 people are treated in hospitals and 1 303 565 others are considered recovered.

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The inoculation rate in Canada is 16e among countries with at least one million inhabitants.

Sources: Data for Canada is compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins, and the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data is from Johns Hopkins University.

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Photo of the day

Business owners are preparing the terraces for tomorrow’s reopening as Quebec begins to ease its COVID-19 restrictions.

Ryan Remiorz / The Canadian Press

Coronavirus in Canada

  • In OntarioPremier Doug Ford is expected to announce whether school in person will resume before the end of the school year by June 2. The Prime Minister is seeking advice from more than 50 public health experts on whether it is safe to do so. And the University of Western Ontario is asking residency students to get their first shot before they arrive.
  • In New Scotland, a trial for a COVID-19 vaccine made in Canada struggles to find participants as vaccination rates rise in the province. The clinical trial is looking for a dozen more people between the ages of 18 and 55 who have not yet been vaccinated and who have not been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Québec will shorten the time between the first and second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine from 16 weeks to eight weeks. And, as bars and restaurants prepare to reopen in Montreal, many owners fear there aren’t enough workers left in the industry – after many have seen their careers derailed by the pandemic.
  • Prince Edward Island will open its borders to the rest of Atlantic Canada on June 27 and to select Canadian travelers on August 8.
  • Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has implemented the province’s three-step plan to reopen under which almost all health restrictions could be lifted in early July.

Across Canada, As many provinces begin to announce plans to reopen COVID-19, a group of ombudsmen are warning of the potential pitfalls of vaccine passports.

  • The Canadian Council of Parliamentary Ombudsman yesterday released a report outlining how evidence of COVID-19 vaccination can avoid complaints and disputes by establishing clear and transparent rules.
  • The report says that to create a fair system, any government must give clear direction on the new rules by passing a new law or making the new policy publicly available and have a clear review and appeal mechanism.

Collective immunity: Several countries with high vaccination rates – including Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles and Chile – are struggling to contain further outbreaks of COVID-19 even though calculations indicate they should be on the verge of looming large numbers of people. collective immunity.

Origins of COVID-19: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backed US President Joe Biden’s directive to US intelligence officials to “redouble” efforts to investigate the origins of COVID-19.

Coronavirus in the world

  • we President Joe Biden has ordered intelligence officials to investigate the origins of the coronavirus, including the “marginal theory” that would lead to a Chinese lab.
  • From China Foreign Ministry strikes back after the United States ordered a new examination of the origins of COVID-19.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he disagreed with his former aide Dominic Cummings’ claim that tens of thousands of people have died needlessly due to government inaction on COVID-19 .
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an annual vigil to commemorate the Chinese The Communist government’s bloody crackdown on pro-democracy student protests in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989 was banned for the second year in a row.

Coronavirus and business

The Canada Revenue Agency estimates that about 30,000 self-employed workers will not have to repay their ECPs payments, which represents about $ 240 million in benefits, or about $ 8,000 on average.

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  • The government provided payments for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit with few validation checks to speed up payments during lockdowns last spring when three million jobs were lost.
  • The CRA sent more than 441,000 letters to CEP recipients late last year asking them to verify that they were meeting the eligibility rules for payments.

Today also: Canadian personal protective equipment companies face the sober reality of long-term production.

And: The Toronto-Dominion Bank has reported a sharp increase in its quarterly profits, in part due to new mortgages during the coronavirus pandemic.

Globe opinion

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  • Rob Carrick: Want to cool down the housing market? Increase property taxes
  • Jillian Horton: Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister’s embarrassing plea for Joe Biden’s vaccines misses target

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Sources: Canada’s data is compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins University and the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data is from Johns Hopkins.

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