Heartbroken and grueling, Winnipeg Jets’ OT win puts Edmonton Oilers in deep hole – fr

Heartbroken and grueling, Winnipeg Jets’ OT win puts Edmonton Oilers in deep hole – fr

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The Edmonton Oilers played a solid game, outscoring the Winnipeg Jest, but they are nonetheless now in a deep and deep hole.

Paul Statsny’s outside shot in overtime was thrown by Dmitry Kulikov and Adam Larsson and found its way past Mike Smith.

Overall, Edmonton had 13 Class A-10 chances for the Jets, with Winnipeg dominating first, but Edmonton getting strong after that (current account). But not to be.

Connor McDavid, 6 ans. He made major contributions to four Grade A chances, good but not good enough. He and Draisaitl came out loaded, bumping into bodies and setting Darnell Nurse up for outside shots on the net in their first two shifts. But as the game progressed, McD’s line began to struggle against Winnipeg’s Scheifele line, although McDavid was slowed down by all manner of interference from the Jets. He had a great chance on a Draisaitl power play rebound, but he was able to get through the madness of the crowd in front of the Jets’ net.


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Léon Draisaitl, 8 years old. Great game of great German. He made major contributions to nine grade A chances, many of which were of an extremely deadly variety. His quick mid-air puck pick and breakaway in Game 1 were thwarted by a poke-check from Hellebuyck. A moment later, the puck jumped over his stick onto an open net after a rebound shot. He had a strong rush to set up a nurse crease crash shot in the second. He landed his first lethal hangman’s shot on a Barrie feed on the power play early in the third period. A moment later he came out with a second punch but once again Hellebuyck outmaneuvered him.

Jesse Puljujarvi, 6 ans. He looked good on the front row, but couldn’t run near the Jets’ net. He was addicted to a slot chance in the first, but no penalty calls from the referees. He almost got stuck in the rebound of the nurse’s rebound.

Dominik Kahun, 5 ans. He was playing a calm game, then took a stretch pass from Ethan Bear and shredded a right-left crimper to Slater Koekkoek in the slot for a 5-alarm shot at the start of the third. He was benched after that, with Neal taking his place on the RNH line.

Kailer Yamamoto, 4 ans. Buzzing but not very effective. During Adam Lowery’s first period breakaway, he failed to retrieve the Jets’ trailer, which landed a 5-alarm rebound shot. he took a brutal penalty in a game with Perreault.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 4 ans. He made three solid clearances in a row from a penalty kick in the first half. But he disregarded the attack. He is not a pilot of his own line, yet that is what he was asked for this match. I’m not sure why the coach went for this line, to be honest, as it has had limited success in the regular season and it’s not designed for intense hockey action.


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Jujhar Khaira, 6 ans. He took a misguided interference penalty on a late stroke in the first. He landed a solid shot in the second pass from teammates Archibald and Chiasson. He got his second grade A by scratching it, picking it up and blocking the net with a shot. He led the team with six hits.

Josh Archibald, 5 ans. He punched out, drilling a huge Logan Stanley into the planks. He was too aggressive on an early kill, leading in part to a 5-alarm Mark Scheifele on a timer from the slot machine, which Larsson was able to block. Solid if not with the usual pushing effort.

Alex Chiasson, 4 years old. He couldn’t find a way to help much. Professional effort, but few results. He was benched with McLeod and Kahun in the third, then got a good look in overtime, but couldn’t get the shot fast enough.

Ryan McLeod, 4 ans. He missed the net on a shorthanded chance in the first. He was benched in the third, as the Oilers moved up to three lines.

James Neal, 5 ans. He came as the game progressed, moving up to the RNH line.

Zack Kassian, 3 ans. He finally got a blow over Trevor Lewis of Winnipeg early in the second. But didn’t add much else.

Nurse Darnell, 7 years old. Much more good than bad in 32:53 ice time, even if the bad was pretty rotten. Horrific moment early in the game where he and Tyson Barrie were beaten on a faceoff in the first period, allowing Kyle Connor to do a quick breakaway and rebound shot. But he escaped for a strong rushing chance at the start of the second. Then he slammed into the net and with two jams almost put Draisaitl’s rebound. He led the team with six shots.


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Tyson Barrie, 3. Weak defensively, to the point where he was in the middle of most of Winnipeg’s most dangerous chances. Five mistakes on the odds of grade A versus. He was an equal partner during the terrible breakdown of the first. He was also landed by Copp for a Class A shot. He put in some solid outside shots on goal in the second, then snapped as he skillfully passed McDavid and Draisaitl late in the second to fend off a headshot. by Hellebuyck. He was discouraged by Connor, leading to a 5 alarm backhander by Connor halfway through the third. He gave Connor a frightening pass in the deep lunge late in the game, but Smith fought off the Winnipeg forward.

Adam Larsson, 6 years old. He blocked a single-timer shot from Scheifele at the start of the first. He had another solid block on Perreault in the third. But he and Kulikov double-screened Smith on the winning OT goal. Docked both a full note for this.

Dmitry Kulikov, 6 ans. He made two stretch assists in the second leading to the Grade A Oilers chances. He also beat Connor to a juicy rebound in the second. Filtered out Smith on the winner, which was a bit of bad luck, the only guy the Oilers are getting right now.

Ethan Bear, 6 ans. He put the Oilers on the wrong foot from the start when he got caught on a bad pinch and allowed an Adam Lowery breakaway, taking a penalty on the same play. He passed a nice pass on slotter Koekkoek. Otherwise, he looked good.

Slater Koekkoek, 6 ans. He had a good game until he allowed the devious Copp to sneak up behind him for a dangerous shot in the second. Had a great chance to score early in the third but couldn’t clear it.


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Mike Smith, 7 ans. He kept the Oilers in that game, with six saves on Grade A shots in the first. His first stop was quick, a Class B outside twist on Blake Wheeler’s stick, through a Barrie screen. Moments later, he held his position, sticking on the ice, to thwart Lowery’s breakaway and a subsequent rebound shot. Then he got his pad on a super one-timer Kyle Connor power play. His most incredible saves in the first came on both Connor 5 alarms in the first. Things were generally calm for him until Connor denounced Barrie for another 5-alarm. Smith also poked Connor as he cut the net at the end of the third. It was projected by Kulikov and Larsson on the winner. Even though it wasn’t his fault, I had to lower his grade by a full grade for it because the end result was he beat him to the OT winner. Otherwise he was great.

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