Hawaiian Airlines reservation systems are overwhelmed – fr

Hawaiian Airlines reservation systems are overwhelmed – fr

A sudden surge in travel demand overwhelmed Hawaiian Airlines’ flight reservation systems – both online and over the phone – leaving Hawaii’s dominant carrier unable to serve customers.

The problems, which the airline described as separate issues, come as people have resumed traveling between the islands and to and from the mainland, amid easing restrictions on COVID-19 and ‘an increase in vaccines.

Alex DaSilva, a spokesperson for Hawaiian Airlines, said the problems with online and phone reservation systems were separate but got worse.

Technical issues prevented customers from logging into the company’s online reservation system, prompting more people to call the company’s call center. Meanwhile, he said, the call center does not have enough staff for an unexpected call flow.

On Tuesday, the state launched a COVID-19 “vaccination passport” for inter-island travel, which allows people who can prove they have been vaccinated in Hawaii to bypass 10-day quarantine and testing protocols. elsewhere mandatory.

Meanwhile, demand for travel from the mainland has increased dramatically as an increasingly vaccinated audience feels safer to fly. Hawaii’s low rate of coronavirus cases also makes it an attractive destination, as other countries where vaccines have been slow to roll out maintain travel restrictions.

Customers trying to book Hawaiian Airlines flights online this week were greeted by this message. Hawaiian Airlines

DaSilva said the entire industry was grappling with the outbreak. “This is the result of a pent-up demand,” he said.

The company apologized to frequent travelers on Friday and promised to do better.

“Our technology team is working around the clock to resolve performance issues on HawaiianAirlines.com,” Hawaiian said in an email. “Our customer contacts team is training new agents and recruiting staff in our call center. None of these issues have progressed as quickly as we had hoped and are unlikely to be fixed overnight. “

DaSilva stressed that the company looks forward to serving people who finally want to travel again.

“We are delighted to welcome people back,” he said. “We just ask for their patience and appreciate their understanding.”


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