Harry Kane describes Kevin De Bruyne as ‘a striker’s dream’ amid Man City interest in Tottenham star – fr

Harry Kane describes Kevin De Bruyne as ‘a striker’s dream’ amid Man City interest in Tottenham star – fr

Harry Kane has said he wants to stay in the Premier League and has encouraged Manchester City’s interest by naming ‘striker’s dream’ Kevin De Bruyne as the player he would most like to play with.

City are believed to be at the top of the line if Kane leaves Tottenham this summer, with the England captain saying he wanted to have ‘a conversation’ with the club about his future and insisted he would decide to his fate, not Spurs president Daniel Levy.

Kane, who turned 28 in July, still has three years on his contract with Spurs, but has officially asked to leave his childhood club and believes he has a gentleman’s agreement with Levy to allow him to make the right offer out of season.
City are among the few clubs with the resources to test Spurs’ resolve not to sell and can offer Kane a shot at winning the team trophies he needs.
Asked by Gary Neville on YouTube channel The Overlap, whose full episode was released today, which player in the world he would most like to play with, Kane said, “Oh, Kevin De Bruyne, for sure.
“When I watch De Bruyne play he’s a special and special player and some of the balls I see him playing for City are just a striker’s dream if I’m being honest. He is exceptional, an exceptional player with the ball, outside the ball, pressing. But her delivery is as good as I have ever seen.
Levy would rather sanction a move abroad than strengthen a Premier League rival, but Kane has also said he is not interested in a move abroad “in the near future”.
If Levy refuses to allow Kane to join another English club, the striker’s desire to reform Alan Shearer as the Premier League’s all-time top scorer is one of the reasons he might be persuaded to stay at Spurs.
Kane is within 100 goals of Shearer’s record and needs another 20 to overhaul Wayne Rooney as England’s top scorer.
Asked by Neville what could prevent him from achieving both feats, Kane said, “I guess injuries would be the most important thing, obviously.
“I had injuries – ankle injuries – and I didn’t have anything that kept me going out for months and months, knock on wood.
“The injuries would be the most important thing. Of course, there is always the possibility of moving abroad someday, but I don’t think I’m really interested in that in the near future. I feel like I’m seven or eight at the top. When you look [Lionel] Messi, [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, [they] all improve as they reach their 30s.
Le podcast Overlap
Despite his desire to leave Spurs, Kane reiterated his love for the club during the May 11 recording.
“I’ve been at Tottenham since I was 11, more than half of my life, [with] lots of ups and downs along the way, ”he said.
“I had to work extremely hard to get to where I am, but I love the club, I love the fans. [It has been] much of my life. It’s been a bit of a disappointing season from my club’s point of view, but we’ve had some good years in the last five or six years now, I guess we just have to see where that goes.
Kane also admitted he was taken aback by the timing of Jose Mourinho’s sacking by Spurs last month, with the manager sacked five days before the EFL Cup final against Man City.
Spurs went on to lose 1-0 under interim head coach Ryan Mason and Kane highlighted Mourinho’s impressive record in the major finals – 12 of 15 wins.
“I was surprised at the timing,” he said. “It was the club’s decision, Daniel would have had his reasons to do it but I was surprised, obviously.

“Jose is a winner, we know Jose’s record in the final and things like that. We found out maybe five minutes before everyone else. Whether this was something they thought about for a while or whether it was just an instant decision, I’m not too sure.
“Look, I understand that presidents have to make tough decisions in tough times, so I’m never going to hit someone for doing anything because I’m out of place and I don’t know all the ins and outs. and outs. But yes, of course, I was surprised.
Kane also called for VAR adjustments going forward, saying technology makes it difficult to celebrate goals.
“I don’t think it’s scrapped, I think there is a definite need to make adjustments,” he said.
“There have been a lot of goals where the margin of error is so small that are offside. It takes away that instant moment of scoring a goal which is one of the best feelings you have ever had in football.
“When VAR came along I guess everyone, the fans in particular, was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to have a definitive answer, it’s a red card or it’s not a red card.’ .
“But it’s still a matter of opinion, there were still a lot of decisions where you know, it’s a 50:50, we’re not quite sure. There was still some talk afterwards, but people expect it to be just because the VAR is there, so I think it just needs some tweaking.
The Overlap is a new YouTube channel from Gary Neville in partnership with Sky Bet.


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