Hancock’s confident jab works against Indian variant – fr

Hancock’s confident jab works against Indian variant – fr

The surge vaccination could do “more harm than good” and disrupt deployment across the country, said JCVI member Professor Adam Finn.

Sky’s Sophy Ridge asks her what we know about the effectiveness of vaccines against the Indian variant.

He says, “It’s hard to be very specific about this particular variant and the vaccines … but the only reassuring news is that we are seeing good protection against serious illnesses so far with different vaccines and different variants.” He says scientists are confident this will continue to be the case with the Indian variant.

He says they don’t yet know the impact of vaccines on milder diseases and transmission through the population.

Sophy Ridge asks if he thinks it’s fair to prioritize vaccines in hot spots where we’ve seen the Indian variant, like Bolton and Blackburn.

Professor Finn says JCVI has had “a lot of talk” on this topic.

He says, “The real concern is that the vaccine supply right now is the rate-limiting step if you start moving the vaccine from one place to another, or from one group to another, you risk disrupting the overall protection of the population and stop to chase away the virus and always arrive too late. ”

He says, “Vaccines are a really useful tool for preventing waves of infection, they’re not very good at preventing infection while they’re on the rise. “

“Our conclusion was that it would probably do more harm than good if we made the program more complicated, harder to run, and essentially slow things down elsewhere. “


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