“Halston” Premiere Recap – Ryan Murphy Netflix Series – fr

“Halston” Premiere Recap – Ryan Murphy Netflix Series – fr

The climb to the top can be filled with fame and excess, but once you’ve beaten the rest, there’s only one direction to go from there.

In Ryan Murphy’s latest limited series Halston, Ewan McGregor (Fargo) portrays Roy Halston Frowick, a designer who took the fashion world by storm with his transcendent vision and Jackie Kennedy-endorsed headwear. Throughout the five-episode series (now available on Netflix), Murphy and McGregor follow the iconic’s turbulent rise and fall as Halston builds his world-famous empire solely to be consumed by drugs, success. and the selfishness that goes with it.

In the series premiere, we get a glimpse of Halston’s early days and see how the genius behind the fabric made a name to be remembered forever in the industry. Read on for the highlights of “Becoming Halston”.

In 1938 in Indiana a young Halston made a hat for his abused mother, and when we moved to New York in 1961 the boy became a revered hatter getting a boost in his business after Jackie Kennedy let him down. But his first successes were short-lived. Seven years later, Jackie stops wearing hats, affecting both trends and Sales.

Halston meets Ed (The impending tower‘s Sullivan Jones) in a bar, but introduces himself as “Eric”, a falconer (interesting choice for a bogus occupation, eh?). They connect through their feelings for each other as strangers, and the exchange leads to a steamy relationship. Halston finally reveals his real identity. “I made hats to cheer up my mom,” he said to Ed, causing a quick flashback from his mom telling the young boy he was “way too special for this place.”

” What are you going to do? Women don’t wear hats anymore, ”Ed asks.

Halston has a plan. It will follow the model used by Ralph Lifshitz (read: Ralph Lauren), but on a larger scale. Halston presents his new idea to his contact at Bergdorf Goodman: the designer wants to dress women from head to toe in his brand, offering “a complete personalized tailoring experience”. The executive seems uncertain, but suggests that she start by making dresses.

His first exhibition fails when nothing sells, but Halston remains unfazed. “I was awesome. They are the models, ”he told Ed.

“What we need is to find your signature,” Joey Eula told him (Law and order: SVU‘s David Pittu), who ultimately becomes Halston’s Creative Director. After talking shop, the men attend a show performed by Liza Minelli (DawnKrysta Rodriguez), and after a captivating act, the men meet her backstage. Halston says he thinks she needs a new look, and while having a drink, she tells him that inspiration will find it. “You and I both live in the shadow of something,” she said. “I don’t want to be just Judy Garland’s daughter, just like you don’t want to be just Jackie O’s hat maker.”

Later, Halston rips some fabric, using Liza as his new muse. ” Now… this is a Halston, ”he said, beaming at his new creation.

Halston begins to search for real estate for his future showroom. His friend and interior designer Angelo tells him that what he wants to do costs money, but Halston is a persevering guy. After a while, he puts his whole team in place. Joey will be his illustrator, the Italian model Elsa Peretti (Celeste and Jesse forever‘s Rebecca Dayan) will don the clothes, while Joel Schumacher (City on a hill‘s Rory Culkin) will take care of the window presentations. Now it’s funding.

Halston Limited will be picked up by all reputable department stores, he told an investor named Ms Marsh. “I am going to change the face of American fashion, and it will all be thanks to you.” He’s asking for $ 1 million. She offers him $ 100,000, but he also has to hire his son Michael. He graciously accepts.

As the team gets to work, Halston quickly feels the pressure, barking orders at Joel and destroying one of his designs. A suede jacket gets wet, and while this is an obvious issue, the fit and look of the piece works. Halston continues to bite Joel’s head, asking if he thinks he’ll win his junior partner title. The poor guy rushes in quickly.

Later, Halston catches Joel speeding in the bathroom and asks if he needs to worry. Joel says no, but asks, “I don’t belong here, do I?” Halston tells him he’s very talented but there are too many stakes and he needs to clean up. They agree that if Joel quits the drugs Halston will stop biting his head.

Joel then tells him that he has something to show him. It is a piece of fabric dyed navy blue, which sparks the creativity of Halston. He makes some quick cuts and slaps him on Elsa. It is dazzling. Soon the models are parading down a runway dressed in fabulously dyed clothes that turn heads and the cameras flash. Halston is greeted with a round of applause, although he is disappointed when the official reviews are released.

Halston tells Joel that it only takes a simple sophisticated socialite to change everything… and he just hung up with Babe Paley. When meeting Babe, she expresses her interest in something that she can wear every day. He introduces him to ultrasuede – a new synthetic he made that you can throw in the wash, wear casually, or get dressed. She orders one in each color.

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