Hajdu urges provinces to share AstraZeneca vaccines if they cannot be used before they expire –

Hajdu Urges Provinces To Share AstraZeneca Vaccines If They Cannot Be Used Before They Expire; Halifax trial of Canadian-made vaccine struggles to find participants – fr

OTTAWA – The federal government is urging provinces not to waste thousands of doses of AstraZeneca vaccine that will expire in days.

In a letter to her provincial and territorial counterparts, Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu encourages provinces that are unable to get their doses of AstraZeneca to people’s arms by the end of the month to give them away to provinces that can.

It offers federal support to ensure that doses are not wasted.

Hajdu says the Public Health Agency of Canada can help with logistics and coordination if a province or territory concludes that it cannot use all of its doses by the expiration date and wishes to transfer them elsewhere in the country.

The issue is expected to be discussed further today during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s regular conference call on the pandemic with prime ministers.

It’s unclear how many doses are likely to be wasted, but Ontario is scrambling to use some 45,000 AstraZeneca injections by the end of May, with another 10,000 expected to expire in June, while Manitoba said that he had 7000 doses which will expire. in a few days.

Most provinces stopped administering the first doses of AstraZeneca earlier this month due to the risk that recipients will develop a rare but potentially fatal blood clotting disease. The risk of blood clots forming is much lower after the second injection.

Ontario announced last Friday that it would begin administering second doses of the vaccine to those who received their first AstraZeneca vaccine between March 10 and March 19.

But since then, eligible people trying to access those second injections have struggled to find pharmacies that actually have AstraZeneca vaccines to administer.

In his letter to his provincial counterparts on Wednesday, Hajdu noted “growing concern over doses of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine, which will expire at the end of May.”

“In particular, I want to offer support to make sure these doses are used before they expire so that we can continue to provide second doses to Canadians and avoid wasted vaccines,” she says.

“Minimizing wastage will allow us to deliver second doses of Astra Zeneca to fully immunize people faster, which in turn will help reopen our communities and our economy safely. “

If a province or territory cannot use all of its AstraZeneca doses by their expiration date, Hajdu urges them “to contact other provinces that may be well placed to deliver these doses into their system.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on May 27, 2021.


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