Hairy biker Si King on life-changing childhood vacation in France –

Hairy biker Si King on life-changing childhood vacation in France – fr

When we weren’t eating out, we would sit around our campfire cooking meat from the local butchers, and every morning I would grab some fresh croissants from the local store. Neither of us wanted to come home, and for a while after we got back, I didn’t want to be in Birtley. The trip had disturbed me. It made me want to travel as much as possible and made me thirsty to discover other cultures.

I still live in the North East, but over the years I have left little pieces of my heart and soul across the world. As a hairy biker my whole life is spent traveling – but even before that I was passionate about exploring. When my three sons were growing up, we had as many vacations as we could afford. I wanted them to step out of their comfort zone, like I did. And they were brought up in the European way; we had a culture of sitting around the table for a very long time and food was the main focus of our house.

Traveling is a great privilege, but it’s also extremely important in expanding your horizons and understanding and celebrating the differences from one another, which is so important in the world we live in today. We have been back to Carnac several times but I haven’t been back since I was a child. Now I’m afraid to visit in case that has changed too much. So I’m probably going to leave this time sentry alone in my head and preserve those magical childhood memories.

As said to Kirsty Nutkins

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