Gyms, barbers and retailers in Windsor unhappy with delayed reopening – fr

Gyms, barbers and retailers in Windsor unhappy with delayed reopening – fr

WINDSOR, ONT. – Windsor business owners express disappointment after learning details of the Ontario government’s plan to reopen.

Curbside pickup is running out for MinaPeach Framing Designs owner Ashley Innes, who was hoping to welcome customers to her “non-essential” store soon.

“I was shocked because I thought it would be June 2 early and they just keep expanding and expanding,” Innes says.

The provincial government announced a three-stage reopening plan on Thursday, which is tied to vaccination rates and likely to begin on June 14.

The first step allows alfresco dining to four people per table and non-essential retail at a 15 percent capacity.

“Even just 15 percent is better than on the sidewalk,” says Innes.

The second stage allows personal services such as nail and hair salons to reopen, possibly around July 5.

“What can I do to avoid a situation like this where I am struggling to make ends meet because the government has taken my livelihood,” said barber William Thibodeau.

Thibodeau is disappointed with the delayed reopening, but not surprised.

“I was not really shocked, it was normal for this administration,” he said.

The third step would allow restaurants and indoor gyms to reopen, but it may not be for two months.

It’s a punch for Shred Gym owner Sawyer Telegdy.

“It doesn’t matter how much we’ve tried to see ourselves as essential or prove to the government that we’re not the problem,” Telegdy says. It’s always disheartening, but not surprising. “

Telegdy wants a regional reopening, rather than by sector, especially as the Windsor-Essex region is ahead of the province on COVID-19 vaccinations and key indicators.

“I think it’s confusing that it’s not a regional approach this time around, where it was last time,” says Telegdy.

Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce, Rakesh Naidu, agrees.

“I think each region may have its challenges or maybe do very well with vaccination, so I think maybe a regional approach should have been considered,” says Naidu.

Business owners are hopeful that the plans could still change, for the better.


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