Gunboats have been sent to Jersey, but France is not the enemy of the UK – it’s Boris Johnson – fr

Gunboats have been sent to Jersey, but France is not the enemy of the UK – it’s Boris Johnson – fr

Boris Johnson indulges his Churchillian fantasies by sending gunboats to Jersey. But the French people are not the enemy. The enemy is Johnson and his government, whose incompetence has facilitated the deaths of more than 150,000 Covids in the UK.
My sympathies go out to the French who struggle to negotiate fishing licenses with a government that seems to lie as freely as it breathes. In the words of this very honest tweet about Johnson’s government from the Civil Service UK account last May: « Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these twirlers of truth? “

Sasha Simic


Don’t forget the advantages

Amid all the protests against the ‘greedy’ foreign ownership of England’s big football clubs in recent weeks, the benefits are sometimes overlooked or forgotten.

For example, Chelsea and Manchester City are both old clubs with a proud footballing tradition, but even their most die-hard fans think either would be close to a Champions League final without the largesse of their Russian or Emirati owners over the past 15 years or so?

This kind of success driven by heavy financial investment is something to consider, along with the demands of greater fan ownership and participation. You may not be able to have both.

John Maxwell


Photo of hypocrisy

Now that the campaign is over, it seems to me that Nicola Sturgeon has raised more children to take pictures in the past few weeks than she has lifted out of poverty in 14 years.

Martin Redfern


The new normal

Linda Evans distilled my thoughts on Boris Johnson and his cohorts. I feel exactly the same. But what can be done to right the wrongs – Brexit, Covid-19, child food poverty, Northern Ireland, illegal political shenanigans, etc. – they went to Great Britain.

It is obvious to me that, because there is so much deception, lies, rhetoric, etc., the answer now is: “Oh yes?”. We have been overwhelmed by so much extreme atrocious behavior on the part of the Prime Minister and senior MPs that we have come to accept it as a norm.

Mrs Evans, myself and other like-minded people should form an organization to curb the excesses of our Prime Minister and our government. The country cannot be ruled by liars, cheaters and dummies who have plunged the British way of life into such turmoil with the blatant use of illegal and unsavory practices.

But it appears this government is shattering the very heart of Britishness with constant revelations of corrupt labor practices that have led to a willing acceptance of wrongdoing.

Keith Poole


Bravo Boris

Well done, Boris Johnson for sending the gunboats to defend Jersey.

This is yet another example of the French wanting to have their cake and eat it when it comes to Brexit.

It’s pure desperation on Macron’s part who knows he could be in political trouble if he doesn’t act.

Geoffrey Brooking


Stop domestic flights?

Simon Calder notes that the French government has banned domestic flights when there is an alternative train journey with a journey time of four hours or less. He goes on to say that such a ban in that country, for example, on flights between Edinburgh and London would be inconvenient for travelers and of questionable feasibility, on the grounds that it would be difficult for people traveling with connecting international flights to destinations such as Johannesburg or Miami. But what proportion of those who fly from Edinburgh to London then go to international destinations?

Certainly, for environmental reasons, limiting the number of domestic flights or making them available only to those with direct tickets to foreign destinations would be a good thing to do. I think Simon is too attached to his international air travel to see the wood for the trees.

Ian K Watson



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