Grim task of digging up bodies continues at crime scene in El Salvador – fr

Grim task of digging up bodies continues at crime scene in El Salvador – fr

Forensic workers unearthed the remains of several victims at a grisly crime scene in El Salvador, on Friday unearthed other bodies in a grave at the home of a former police officer suspected of murdering and potentially burying dozens of women.

Authorities have confirmed that eight bodies have so far been removed from the home of former officer Hugo Ernesto Osorio, a convicted rapist whom prosecutors formally charged with the murder of two women and two men earlier this month.

Sexual violence is the main theory behind the murders, prosecutors say.

Neither Osorio nor his lawyer could be reached immediately for comment.

Authorities are also flagging the possibility of a larger plot, with 10 more having been charged with the murder of nine women in allegedly related homicides, as well as four other murders of victims whose bodies were found in the same small house, which is found next to a cane. cultivate.

The house was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers and police on Friday, as dozens of relatives of missing people gathered nearby, many wondering if they might be able to identify the victims.

Police officers hold a press conference at the site where authorities are searching an underground cemetery found in the home of a former policeman and containing numerous bodies, most of them believed to be women, in Chalchuapa, El Salvador, on May 20, 2021. REUTERS / Jose Cabezas

The final tally of the bodies of the Osorio property, located in the town of Chalchuapa, about 78 km northwest of the capital, San Salvador, remains uncertain.

“We can still see more of them,” prosecutor Max Muñoz said at a press conference on Friday, referring to the grave where the eight bodies were found, but without providing further details.

Fears that the number of victims would rise were fueled earlier this week when a forensic detective told reporters that two dozen bodies were unearthed at the crime scene and that up to 40 could ultimately be recovered. Read more

Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado said on Friday the detective would be punished for providing unreliable information.

Osorio, meanwhile, is being held in a maximum security prison where he is also seen as a witness who can shed light on other crimes.

Mauricio Arriaza, the head of El Salvador’s national police, said Osorio was removed from his post 15 years ago after being convicted of raping a woman and having illegal sex with a minor, crimes for which he was finally sentenced to five years late. the bars.

Officials also said they were analyzing evidence that could point to other crimes possibly committed by Osorio, including theft.

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