Greta Thunberg calls on China to ‘shame fat’ in article doubting it is vegetarian – fr

Greta Thunberg calls on China to ‘shame fat’ in article doubting it is vegetarian – fr

Climate activist Greta Thunberg took to Chinese state media after an article tried to “shame” her for being a vegetarian.
In an article published last week in the China Daily, an outlet owned by the ruling Communist Party, Thunberg has been ridiculed for her weight and called an “environmental princess.”

“Although she claims to be a vegetarian, judging by the results of her growth, her carbon emissions are in fact not low,” said the article, which was written by writer Tang Ge, who has originally posted the opinion on social media.

The article did not go unnoticed by the young activist, who shared a link to a report on the incident on her Twitter on Friday.

“Being humiliated by the Chinese state media is quite a strange experience, even by my criteria. But it’s definitely happening on my CV, ”she wrote.

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The scrutinized article was widely shared in Chinese media, with some accusing Ms Thunberg of having a “double standard” when she previously called China’s environmental footprint, but not d ‘other countries.

Earlier this month, Ms Thunberg shared an article that revealed that China’s annual emissions were higher than those of all developed countries combined in 2019. Although China is still considered a developing country, Ms Thunberg felt that drastic action was needed to resolve the problem.

“Yes, China is still classified as a developing country by the WTO, it manufactures a lot of our products and so on. But this is of course no excuse to ruin future and present living conditions. We cannot solve the climate crisis unless China radically changes course, ”she wrote at the time.

Ms Thunberg added that the world should “look at historical broadcasts and in the context of population and per capita emissions. And developed nation[s] must lead so others can raise their standard of living, ”while including a video showing the United States leading in cumulative emissions since 1750.

The activist was known to have criticized many leading countries, not just China, for their role in the climate crisis and global emissions.


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