Greek dog owners protest compulsory sterilization of pets – fr

Greek dog owners protest compulsory sterilization of pets – fr

ATHENS, GREECE – Several hundred dog owners and their pets gathered outside Greece’s parliament on Sunday to protest a bill that will make sterilization of pets – especially cats and dogs – mandatory.

Dog owners have spoken out against “the abolition of hobbyist breeding, the backbone of dog love,” as they called it in a statement. Most of them were also hunters and protested against last year’s hunting ban, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Government officials said the bill indeed targets so-called “hobbyist breeding” by non-specialists, who do it for money. They say there are often abusive practices, with bitches forced to breed continuously for maximum profit and often rejected when no longer useful to the breeder.

The protesters saw it differently and were often moved about it.

“We are here to show our love to our children. They are not just our dogs, (they are) what we love since we were children and those who govern want to take them away from us, ”Christos Xiros said in tears. one of the protesters, told The Associated Press.

Protesters dispersed peacefully after chanting slogans and listening to a speech.

The bill is still at the consultation stage. It will then be submitted to Parliament.


Srdjan Nedeljkovic contributed to this report.


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