Grass pollen allergy alert as hot weather returns to France –

Grass pollen allergy alert as hot weather returns to France – fr

After weeks of gray and rainy weather, Météo France announced sunshine for the last weekend of May across France.
High pressure conditions will bring dry and hot weather to France today (May 28), with “very sunny” conditions expected across the country.

Temperatures in the south of France are expected to exceed seasonal averages to reach 19-26 ° C.

In the north, the sun with some cloud cover and mild winds are expected with temperatures of 11-21 ° C.

For the weekend Météo France mentionned: “For the moment, the most likely scenario looks good, with pleasant temperatures and generally sunny weather. “

In the north, the weekend will be sunny, with temperatures reaching 22 ° C in some areas on Sunday afternoon.

In the south, clouds and changing weather conditions are possible, especially around the Alps and the Pyrenees. Saturday afternoon, we could see peaks of 28 ° C in Perpignan.

“Very high” grass pollen

Warmer weather will also increase pollen levels in France.

The circulation of oak pollen will increase everywhere except along the Mediterranean coast.

Grass pollen will also reach “high” levels in more than half of the departments and “very high” levels in five departments, reports Le Réseau National de Surveillance Aérobiologique.

The five departments with “very high” grass pollen rates are Pyrénées-Orientales, Aude, Vaucluse, Rhône and Deux-Sèvres.

You can check the pollen levels in your department here.

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