Grandfather, 66, cried after accident involving gasoline vehicle and dashboard –

Grandfather, 66, cried after accident involving gasoline vehicle and dashboard – fr

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WOODSTOCK – It cost only $ 82 in gasoline, but police say it claimed the life of a Woodstock man.

Stephen Madigan, 66, is identified in court documents obtained by The Woodstock Sentinel-Review as the person killed in an April 24 collision involving what police say was a driver fleeing a gas station in East Woodstock without pay

It’s yet another example of the need for new laws requiring advance payment for gas, industry advocates say.

“The safety of customers and employees is first and foremost,” said Dave Bryans of the Ontario Convenience Store Association, which represents more than 6,000 stores and gas stations across the province. “One death is one death too many to buy gasoline.”

Bryans said his association has been pushing for a prepayment law since at least 2012 after the deaths of two gas station workers. Since then, Bryans said his association has garnered support from the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and many other police services for the advance payment for gasoline, already in place in British Columbia and in Alberta.

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Private member’s Bill 231, introduced by Mississauga-Malton MPP Deepak Anand, would require drivers to prepay at gas stations in Ontario. It has passed second reading and is now in committee at Queen’s Park.

“Life is in danger in all these ‘gases and dashes’, and it affects the mental and physical health of all who witness such a tragedy,” Anand told the legislature in November, citing the deaths of two gas station employees, Hashem Atifeh Rad in 2011 and Jayesh Prajapati in 2012.

“I can’t imagine the heartache the family endured, the heartache the loss of a father, husband or son to a tank of gasoline. It’s traumatic.

“No one, and I repeat, no one had to die this way.

Bill 231 would require customers to pay before refueling while providing re-training to employees involved in the sale of gas. It would also give small rural gas stations, often using older pump models, time to upgrade their technology.

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Up to 80% of customers are already using prepayment at the pump, said Bryans, a number he says has likely increased even more since the COVID-19 pandemic. Large gas stations are generally in favor of the move, Bryans said, but want it to become law to ensure a “level playing field” between competitors.

Woodstock Police said a man was struck on April 24 and suffered fatal injuries after a vehicle left a gas station in East Woodstock without paying for fuel.

It is not yet known whether Madigan, who died on May 5, was an employee, customer or bystander at the gas station where he was struck. He is remembered by those close to him as a cherished father and a loving grandfather of two grandchildren.

Brandon Harmer, a 26-year-old Drumbo, was originally charged with criminal negligence, but that charge was turned into manslaughter by police this week after Madigan’s death on May 5.

Court documents show Harmer is also charged with theft. He will then appear in court on June 2.


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