GMB fans cringe as Susanna Reid rejects host Adil Ray’s attempts to hug her – fr

GMB fans cringe as Susanna Reid rejects host Adil Ray’s attempts to hug her – fr

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid on Monday rejected her co-host Adil Ray’s hug attempt on Monday as the measured lock has loosened, meaning we can now kiss.
Discussing hug safety with Dr. Hilary Jones, Adil stood up and opened his arms, ready to kiss Susanna.

But she was not enthusiastic and remained seated, rejecting Adil, who was forced to sit down.

Susanna apologized and explained that she wanted to save her hugs for her loved ones, including her mother, and not risk transmitting infections to her.

Adil Ray tried to persuade Susanna Reid to give him a hug

Approaching Susanna with wide arms, Adil said: “Just leave me, come on!” I haven’t seen you for so long! “

Susanna squirmed, “What did Dr Hilary say?” I’m still in the mood for a virtual hug! “

Dr Hilary added: “A lot of people are still nervous for a hug! “

Later, Susanna told Adil, “My apologies, I protect you first, who knows what I might have, but second, if we are rationing or kissing you can kiss more important people.” “

Susanna Reid admitted she was still anxious to hug freely

He replied, “Susanna, let’s be honest if there wasn’t a pandemic, you still wouldn’t be in your arms! “

And Adil asked once more later on the show to see if she had changed her mind, and she replied that they had been warned not to kiss in the workplace.

Dr Hilary explained: “Everyone is desperate to hug, I think it’s important to be selective, not to hug everyone but to hug those closest to you, that you really wanted to kiss. “

Susanna said, “Well, we’ve already hugged those closest to us, but those outside of that. “

Susanna Reid Told Adil Ray She’s Rationing Her Hugs

Dr Hilary continued, “It is important to ask them if they have any symptoms? Have they been exposed to anyone else lately? Have they been vaccinated? “

“You need them to do a health questionnaire first! Susanna joked.

Dr Hilary continued, “And do they want to cuddle? Because a lot of people still don’t want a hug! Ask if they want to cuddle, get consent first, then of course.

“But I would still wear a mask, and I would look away and not talk to them while you hug them, because it’s contact with an aerosol.”

Adil Ray et Susanna Reid - Good Morning Britain
Adil Ray joked that Susanna Reid was using the pandemic as an excuse not to kiss people

“What have we become? Susanna asked.

One viewer tweeted, “Well that attempt to kiss Susannah failed Adil miserably. Better luck next time! “

“I can live without the hugs tbh @GMB#GMBAnother remarked.

“Rationing your hugs is a great idea! Be careful, ”added another.

But others added: “Absolutely pathetic, kiss as you like # GMB “And:” Dr Hilary just to let you know I’m here to reach out to everyone today #gmb I’m just a little cuddly bug ”.

* Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6 a.m.


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